In need of a evangelizing podcast

I know there are tons of good podcasts out there (apologetic, historical, news related, topical, etc) but have been unable to find one that is focused on evangelizing (specially, mission type bringing people to Christ and the good message). Does anyone know of any?

I’ve met people who know what the sacraments are but don’t know Christ and was hoping there would be some podcasts out there. They don’t specifically have to be Catholic, assuming they aren’t anti Catholic

I would suggest that you need to avoid n-C sources if you are in RCIA since it will add little if anything to your study of the Catholic faith.

Check this one out…Catholic Answers has uploaded Karlo Broussard - Are my evangelization efforts bearing any fruit?

There are a bunch of truly outstanding videos and sites you can get into.
Catholic Answers
Bishop Robert Barron
Trent Horn
Bible Christian Society
Radio Replies | Catholic Apologetics Online | Rumble & Carthy
St. Paul Street Evangelization (This is local but will link you to their national site too)
And I know there are more, but these are some essential sources that I find very handy.

God bless you on your journey into the church and I’ll see you at Mass.

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