In need of help.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been experiencing these issues while I sleep since I was 13 and honestly I don’t know what to do and I am asking for help from the perspective of our Catholic church.

Almost every single night, I would experience the feeling of being conscious while sleeping and I could see my surroundings but the thing is - I cannot move my physical body at all. It’s very scary because I can’t move a single muscle, and I could see my bedroom but I don’t know whether I am sleeping/awake ? It scares me all the time because I would often hear voices and hear whispers and I would always feel like there’s someone in the room with me. I’ve been keeping it to myself for so long and I really don’t know where to look for answers.

An episode would last for about more than ten minutes and I would get about 5-8 episodes per night continuously. As soon as I finished one episode, I would wake up but to be dragged again by this very “tiring and uncontrolled force” that puts me back to sleep and then everything starts all over again. I would try to wiggle myself out of it but it’s very hard, and I only manage to wake myself up after more than 10 minutes of trying ( I guess it’s that long because I really didn’t took much track of time, but it felt very long )

Please, help me. I really don’t know where to seek the right answers except here. Everything happens by itself and I really can’t put an end to it. It sucks away my energy every time it happens. It stopped when I was 14 and 15 but it started all over again when I was 16 ( last year ) until now and it’s so frequent nowadays - almost every night for the past six months and often more than once per night.

I really need help. Everyone I’ve been to thought I was stupid and I made all these stories up but I hope you guys here would at least give me some answers. And don’t think that I am stupid please, I received that too much already from those I am trying to get help.

P.S My mom, grandma and eldest sister experience this too but not as often as I do.


I would see a doctor to rule out a medical condition as it appears that it is hereditary. You are not stupid as out of body experiences are very real. I will pray for you.

Praying for your intentions.

I agree. This could be a sleep disorder of some kind.

Sleep paralysis. It’s an uncomfortable - sometimes frightening - stage of being half asleep. It’s happened to me just once, and even tho I knew what was going on it was still scary.

Because it happens so often, talk to your doctor. You may need to see a specialist to get some help for this.

I agree with the comments about ruling out a medical condition first.

However, I have a few questions. Did this experience begin with dreams such as trying to get through a doorway that is too narrow? Have you been ‘strangled’ in a ‘dream’? Have you had a ‘dream’ where you found yourself on the other side of the room, or experienced something attempting to lift you out of bed?

As I recall, I have experienced something similar to the ‘tiring and uncontrolled force’ you mention. I too had to fight to wake myself up, though only on two occasions, which leads me to believe that your problem could be a medical condition because it is happening every night (my ‘problem’ has now progressed to other things). I can’t really go into details on an open forum, so PM if you wish to discuss this further.

Best wishes,

Pray when it happens, maybe a Rosary. I agree, a doctor at a sleep disorder clinic should evaluate your case.

Lord, Your servant xEugene is in need of our prayerful support. We come now in prayer for him. May Your angels surround his bed and body with light, love, and the power of our accumulative prayers. May an awareness of Your Divine Presence be a tent over his bed. Healing peace and holiness be his. Blessed are You Lord who rescues and heals your people. Amen.

Will keep you and your family members in prayer.

Sounds like sleep paralysis. Tell your doctor that you think that you may be suffering from it and explain your episodes to him/her. Are you able to pray during your episodes? If you are able to pray, then repeat the Hail Mary over and over again, asking Mary for her loving help, until the moment you wake up. This way you will not go through your horror all alone, and you will be able to draw closer to Mary than before. God bless you.

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