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I’m not exactly sure where to post this, but my roommate today asked me a sexually inappropriate question trying to be funny(when I was about 3 hours fresh from confession). Obviously, I wouldn’t want to do anything to wind up losing the state of grace, but I ended up answering with a quick “no.” I didn’t laugh, and wish he hadn’t said it. A few seconds after, I responded with “that’s inappropriate.” Do you think I committed a sin by answering the question (which was asked in a joking manner)?? I try to avoid all occassion of impure thoughts, I just hope I didn’t “participate” in the conversation. Thanks for your opinions.


I don’t think you’ve anything to worry about. If, however, you feel bad about how you reacted, you could bring it up at your next confession, but I personally can’t see where you may have committed a sin - either venial or mortal. You didn’t engage in the conversation, which was a good thing, if you’re trying to avoid impure thoughts. However, you admonished your friend firmly for his actions by telling him that what he had said was inappropriate. This doesn’t count as participating in the conversation - if anything it sounds to me like one of the spiritual works of mercy i.e. admonishing sinners! I think you dealt very well with the situation.:thumbsup:


I agree with NPC…you didn’t go looking to talk about something inappropriate, and you were a witness to your roommate by telling him you didn’t think it was an appropriate question. Good for you on two counts (going to confession and sticking to high standards!):thumbsup:


If you want to have a good relationship with your roommate, you might need to lighten up a little bit. Instead of a sullen, “That’s inappropriate,” you might try a friendlier, “Hey, man, I’m trying to keep it clean here. Could you put a lid on that, please?”

And I don’t think you sinned by answering the question. Do you tend to be scrupulous?



Yes I do tend to be scrupulous, but me and him are really good friends from home. I said it in a serious way, but wasn’t being a jerk toward him; it’s all good. He knows I take my faith seriously. =) Thanks for your replies!


You will find this is pretty normal to have to endure when you place yourself in the company of non believers. It really gets me often when I have to listen to some of the foul language from those around me, of which that situation is being rectified in short order, so rather the same difference. As long as you aren’t repeating their actions and show through example of your non participation, you are in the clear, but honestly, you should work upon at least in your home, not having to face such impurities from outsiders for your own good and peace.


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