In need of prayers....


My mom has had bad neck pains for several months now and she went to her Dr. who sent her for an MRI to see what was going on…well the MRI results are back and she has either a chipped vertabrae or cancer on the vertabrae…she is being sent for further testing (UGH!) specifically a CAT scan to verfy what is going on.
Please keep her in your prayers…thank you!


Will do! You are both in my prayers. I also pray for peace for you while you await a diagnosis.


Thank you 3boyzmom!


Goodness, how scary. Waiting on news is so hard. I’ll keep you in my prayers and most certainly your mama.


Thank you Princess Abby…


Thoughts and prayers with you and your mom.
Let us know what you find out!


I can only imagine that the hardest part (at this point) is NOT knowing anything… waiting, hoping.

absolutely - your mom will be lifted in our family prayers.

Please keep us updated, k?


I will add my prayers to those of everyone else!


Thank you everyone!
I am in the process now of helping her find a BOARD QUAILIFIED neurological surgeon that is in her health plan…UGH!!!
I hope to get her in the doctors by the end of the week and then we will see…thank you all once again for your prayers!


Prayers for your Mom, your family and the medical staff that she will be working with. Get as much rest yourself as you can so you can be in the best condition to walk with her and hold her hand the whole way, however this turns out, she will need you.


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