In Need Of Prayers

My Husband And I Are Separated, Tomorrow Is Our 1st, Yes, 1st Anniversary. This Year Has Brought Alot Of Struggles Including Open Heart Surgery For Him Back In Feb. This Is The Third Time He’s Left This Year. With That Said I’m Not Putting Total Blame On Him, I’ve Played My Part As Well. Anyways, We Have Just Started Talking (yeasterday) After Two Weeks Of Me Avoiding Him Via Phone, Emails. We Are Suppose To Meet In Person Next Sunday And Talk. I Don’t Know If It’s About Moving Forward With A Divorce Or What Really. I Love Him Deeply And I Would Like To See Our Marriage Saved But If It Can’t Be I Want To Have The Strength To Let Him Go. I’m Just Feeling Really Hopeless And Sad Right Now. I Have Been Praying For The Right Words To Come When We Meet. Please Please Pray For Us

Prayers for you and your marriage. :frowning:

I’m so sorry for all you are going through. I will pray for you.:signofcross:

You need more than just prayers, you need some timely advice to help you with your marriage. The US Council of Bishops just opened a new website to support marriage.
Check out this link. Explore what can be done to help your marriage, rather than call it quits. Sounds like you still want to resolve the differences and grow from this experience. If you were married in the church or not, consider a retrouvaille retreat. Because marriage is to death do us part, not until the road gets rough. Pray on it, but thoroughly explore this wonderful website as well.

I will pray for you guys!

thank you to all who are praying it means so much. you are all in my prayers as well. God Bless:)

I will pray for you.


Praying for your marriage! How sad it must be to spend your 1st anniversary like that :frowning: May God heal your marriage and become the foundation for your family. Was your marriage sacramental?

Yes, We Were Married In The Catholic Church. He Was In Rcia When We Got Married And I Have Been Catholic Since Birth. I Am More Hopeful Today, He Did Call And Wish Me A Happy Anniversary Last Night. (he’s Out Of Town Right Now.) I Know It’s Not Much But It Gave Me A Little More Hope. Thank You All Again For All The Prayers

Pray to Our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph. They’ve never let me down - my prayers are always answered. I’ll be praying for you both tonight, and tomorrow and the next day . . .:thumbsup:

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