In order to convert, do I need an annulment?

I am seriously thinking of becoming a Catholic but…
having researched the complicated process of having a previous marriage annulled, I am concerned…and I am too scared to go back to the Catholic Priest I have talked to about becoming a Catholic - in case he says annulment is not likely - and to then feel hurt and rejected as I adore Jesus in the Eucharist and don’t want to be excluded from Holy Communion. I am feeling very sensitive at the moment.
I obtained a civil divorce after 8 yrs of marriage (civil ceremony) many years ago now - both baptised (he Catholic, me Presbyterian) but we did not see ourselves as Christians at all. I married only to legitimise my child having been taking advantage of by a man who I saw only as a friend (in order to keep him as a friend as I was immature and lonely). As I had not really ever wanted to be his wife (and he knew this) or felt any desire for physical union, as much as I tried, there was eventually infrequent physical union as a result. For the whole 8 years he refused to work in order to provide for me and the two children. He began looking for other women and told me to leave.
My present husband (baptised Methodist married to baptised Anglican) was divorced many years before I met him. His wife had entered a lesbian relationship with another woman and then filed for a divorce. I met him (this was 7 yrs after I separated from previous husband) and obtained a civil divorce in order to remarry. We are both Anglicans. What is the likelihood that we may obtain an annulment & be able to receive Holy Communion should we become Catholics? :confused:

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