In Persona Christi related question...sorta!

Hi there,

I was at Steubbenville a few years ago and I remember one of the speakers talking about the Mass and how, when the priest is in persona christi (sp?), he is Christ and that all the Masses that have happened or will happen are happening together in that moment. She used a latin word that describes this mystery or miracle, when time is irrelevant and all Masses are celebrated together, and I am just wondering if anyone knows the word…or has any idea what I’m talking about!

Thanks so much for your time!

I was going to say transubstantiation, but thats for the Eucharist. Um, I know theres a word cause they told us in CCD once,…but I forget what it was. :frowning:

He is talking about the Mass (Holy Eucharist)
That is why we are Catholic (meaning universal:))

Christ is love and that is what we Catholic should strive to emulate.

Is the word you’re looking for anamnesis?


Thanks for all the responses. There is actually a Latin word that means the mystery of that particular point in the Mass. It is the moment when the priest says the words that Christ said at the last supper. Because he is in the person of Christ at that moment, it is like we are at the last supper and at the last Mass that will ever be celebrated…and every one in between. Time ceases to matter…although it doesn’t ever really matter to God.

This is driving me slightly bonkers and I have no idea how to find the word. It’s easy enough to track down of definitions of words you know, but trying to find the word when your definition is sketchy is difficult!

Thank you so much for trying! I appreciate everyone’s input :o)

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