"in persona Christi"


I had a wonderful spiritual experience this past sunday at Mass. I saw very clearly and it reached down to my very soul the concept of the priest being "in persona Christi". I have a very great personal failing that comes up every so often and I am working dilligently to solve. This weekend, not having been to confession, I was not able to receive communion. I deceided however to go up to the priest during communion. As I approaced him I crossed my arms at the throat (like I've seen the little ones do), and bowed my head before him. The Father gave communion to the person on my left and without missing a beat, turned to me and did the sign of the cross on my forehead. Bamo! I could feel the power of God come through this man! I walked off to stand at the back of the church, shaking and teary eyed at what had just taken place. The emotion of the moment was overpowering. As I looked back up to him giving communion to the faithful, this concept of "in persona Christi" really became so much clearer to me. God truly did work through him to reach me.


Nice. I was in the hospital once and had a priest come by to talk to me. If I remember right, he had a small jar of chrism and blessed my forehead. I looked up at him and said "thank you Lord". It just came out of my mouth and I felt kind of stupid saying that, but he just smiled, turned and walked out. It was an instant response, unplanned and I was like, did I just say that!?


That's beautiful :)

One time at Mass, I got a really strong impression that when the priest says the words of the Consecration, it's like Christ speaking through him since they're the words from the Last Supper.

Before I was Catholic, I couldn't receive Communion, but whenever I'd get a blessing from a priest, I felt so close to God afterwards..almost as if I had received Communion. This gave me a lot of strength and encouragement to go through with my conversion :)

God bless!


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