In Philippines, a 14-year fight for birth control

The only thing that really surprised me was Fr. Melvin Castro’s quote:

Preventing fertilization is not a surgical but a chemical or medical abortion.

Of all people, shouldn’t he know the difference between contraception and abortion?

Thoughts and quotes about the rest of the article?

I haven’t read the article but from what you posted I’d say I understand where he is coming from and agree with him, though the term abortion doesn’t fit. With abortion you are terminating life. With contraception you are preventing it. Both are equally immoral and wrong.

Good for them, I hope the legislation passes. Many children are nice and all, but when you can’t afford to feed them, you need to draw the line somewhere.

^ With abstinence?

That article in general, I don’t know…it’s sound like some pharmaceutical company is just gonna get richer making a buck off a country that’s getting poorer.

Besides, unexpected pregnancies when contraceptives fail is just going to lead to the same result, another child to feed. And when that fails, abortion will want to be opened as an option, especially if the only reason for it is economical.

Oi, many uninformed people in the comment section :eek::shrug:. As Bishop Sheen would say: “There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church.”


I thought that the birth control pill and other contraceptives are abortifacient, which is a chemical abortion. Am I missing something? Especially RU-486.

If people have a serious reason for spacing out children NFP is the answer, not contraception which can have negative health impact. German study tested 32 types of condoms, discovered 29 have cancer causing chemical. Birth control pill is grouped as a class 1 carcinogen by an arm of the world health organisation, International agency for research on cancer

NFP has no negative health consequences and recent study involving 900 couples found stmpyom thermal method of NFP was 99.6% effective (Frank-Herrmann et al 2007). NFP is more reliable than typical use of condoms or birth control pill

Contraception is not the answer to poverty. Never seen a study that found correlation between increased use of contraception and decreased poverty

The problem is that many contraceptives are abortifacents. Of course some people would contest that life does not begin at fertilization but rather at implantation, therefore preventing implantation is not abortion. This is of course the effect of Birth Control Pills.

Oi, many uninformed people in the comment section . As Bishop Sheen would say: “There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church.”


If you think I’m trying to slam the Church you’re mistaken. All I’m saying is perhaps Fr. Castro, or even the writer of the article, should have better specified what he was referring to. “Preventing fertilization” can even describe condoms, which do not cause a chemical or medical abortion.

I don’t know about how these things work in the Philippines, but in the US, the journalists will interview people and then just pick out a couple of quotes and weave the quotes in however the journalist wants, which means that something that made perfect sense in context doesn’t in the article. I would suggest that Father Castro meant implantation rather than fertilization and that when he made that statement he was talking about the abortifacient properties of some methods of abc.

I wonder how Mrs Lopez’s children will feel about her wishing she had fewer children?

And does Mrs Lopez understand that the reason her children have become parents is that they made certai n decjsions which led to their becoming parents?

I was referring to the commenters on the article page who are woefully uninformed on what the Church teaches and allows.


You know, putting Mrs Lopez into the story likes that takes the discussion away from principles and makes any discussion against the provision of abc seem like a personal attack against her.

The priniciple, however, is the Mrs Lopez wishes her children had more choices. But they did have choices, and the choice they made led totheir becoming parents at an early age when they could not afford children. There was another choice they could have made, which was to avoid the activity which leads to children. They had sufficient chocces, they simply chose to go with the choice which leads to children.

Mrs Lopez seems to have had 12 children over the course of about 34 years. She has three children who are parents and another grandchild. Some of those children seem to have managed not to have children when they were teenagers.

It seems that Mrs Lopez has been led to believe that her children lack *options *rather than choices, and what is the option which becomes available when one uses birth control?

Only the option to have non-procreative sex.

Without abc, the options someone has are 1. to have sex which may result in a child; or 2. to abstain fron engaging in sexual activity.

The only thing abc does is to reduce the risk of having children when engaging in sexual activity.

It seems to me that what the poor in the Philippines need is something other than the illusion or idea that they can have sex without babies.

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