In Presidential Contest, Voters Say ‘Basic Facts,’ Not Just Policies, Are in Dispute


If we can’t even agree on what the facts are then fire the beck do we have a civilized conversation about the issues? Perhaps the differing “realities” explain why the extremes of each side sometimes hold such disdain.

Fully 81% say that most supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump not only disagree over plans and policies, but also disagree on “basic facts.” Just 18% say that while Clinton and Trump supporters often differ over plans and policies, they can agree on basic facts.


That is why we need to fact check.


I recently had a debate with someone in which we not only disagreed on the policies and facts, but we couldn’t even agree on a source of information that we would both trust as reliable on any issue at all.

We didn’t even agree on what would qualify as a fact.


Yes, that is the state of things. We can check what people said. We can check some events to some degree. That is about it.


In a way news is one of casualties of the free market. With a modest effort one could find a need source that selectively published a certain pov that matches their own. A source that essentially ignores data contrary to your view.

For instance, I can find sources claiming abc reduces abortion, but I can also find sources claiming it leads more women to have abortions.


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