In Private Letters, Benedict Rebukes Critics of Pope Francis

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It’s really just him hitting back at criticism of his resignation. There’s no stirring endorsement or condemnation of Francis in this.

Very misleading title, given the context of why Benedict was writing the letters (to rebuke a cardinal who criticized his resignation), Francis wasn’t the issue. The Times must get so dizzy from trying to spin things so hard.

The letters in their entirety are published here.

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The title is true only in the most general sense: Ratzinger rebuked a Cardinal who is also a critic of Pope Francis. The rebuke had absolutely nothibg to with Pope Francis, however, and everything to do with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. It seems that the NYT is trying to make a rather obscure matter that would only be of interest to a select few Catholics tie in to a bigger story.

No idea why they would do so. It is a pretty ham-fisted attempt.

Yeah these letters were written last year in 2017, well before the current crisis hit. It’s a misleading headline.

If these are private letters, how are they being published


And they wonder why everyone calls them fake news.

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