In rare move, Trump cancels Wisconsin trip amid concerns about protests

The cancellation, in just the second week of Trump’s tenure, underscored the torrent of opposition that has greeted his presidency, starting with a gathering of hundreds of thousands in Washington on the day after his inauguration and two days of demonstrations across the country this past weekend against his travel ban.

Presidents have canceled trips for weather and after tragic events, but a cancellation for fear of protests is rare, if not unprecedented.

Brookings Institution senior fellow William Galston said he could not recall a similar cancellation dating back to Ronald Reagan and possibly longer ago. “I remember all the protests, and I’m not sure there has been an incident” that caused a cancellation, Galston said.

“Donald Trump is a real tough guy when it comes to locking up a scared five-year-old boy trying to find his mother,” said DNC Senior Adviser Zac Petkanas. “But as soon as he has to face the American people to defend his illegal anti-Muslim ban he chickens out. What a profile in courage.”

He better cancel every public appearance for the foreseeable future too.

Disgusting hatred of our president.

Peaceful protest my friend.

Yeah, how dare they show concern for this sainted man?

And he even won WI by a mere 1%.

I laugh at them because where were they in November?

People did stay home, turnout was low.

And yet, he still lost the pop vote by 3 million.

And he even won WI and still cancelled. Though granted the margin was only by a mere 1%.

I’m still laughing 'cause we are still winning.

Fundamentally blows my mind that government affects people lives so deeply and you’re rooting for your man like he’s the best player on your favorite sports team.

Identify “we”.

It’s only one event, so I don’t see this becoming a pattern. President Trump talked about continuing with public rallies, which I think would be great to show the country and the world that alot of Americans are fed up with lefty protesters trying to intimidate people.

Lol those rallies will be overrun with protesters.

Blowing up the White House is not peaceful. Remember? The President remembers too.

So, anybody that protests is a lefty?

As nearly as I can tell, George Washington was the last President with no vocal “haters.”

Aah yes the fictional popular vote. This still shows that Democrats still don’t understand how we elect the President. The vitriol for the President in this thread is disgusting

Its a fair election, but don’t tell me he has a clear mandate and that all he’s done is win when he lost the popular vote by 3 million.

I’m not talking about the protestors as much as the obsession on this forum.

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