In reference to the scandal (should we be doing something?)


I am so upset about having learned of this massive cover up from Pennsylvania. Particularly to have learned today that my beloved Pope Francis himself contributed to it. I really liked him a lot, and am so disappointed and upset to have heard the news this morning. I just can’t believe he would do such a thing. :frowning:

My question is, should we, as lay folks, be “doing something” about this problem in the Church?

The reason I ask is because I keep seeing this everywhere. Atheists and people of other faiths keep saying “The problem won’t be fixed until lay Catholics stand up to this and start doing something about it!” I’ve seen many people suggest that we should stop giving money at Church, because we are “contributing to an institution that enables child abuse,” and if we stop giving money, they will be forced to take more measures against child abuse and cover ups.

I guess I just don’t know what to think or how to respond. Are they right? Should we be coming together to do something about this? If so, what should we do?


I am out of the loop. What exactly did Pope Francis do?



At the moment, this is the word of one person. How “beloved” was he really, when you believe such a serious charge with no other evidence?


I’m guessing that those groups would be talking about average catholics gathering together with their pitchforks and torches, and all heading down to the diocesan offices for a “meeting” with the bishop.

No, there won’t be any of that. But there are already lay people in place just for these issues. The Church probably provides the safest environment in the US for children because of all the precautions that have been put in place since the ‘90s.

The most recent revelations have to do with adults, not really children. The PA stuff is all from decades ago, and IMO, has only been released to stir the pot or take advantage of the Church.


The best thing for now is to:

  1. Give emotional support to your parish priest. He’s probably going through a hard time now.
  2. Pray and make offerings to the Lord for the strengthening and purification of His Church.
  3. Realize that Our Lord will not abandon us, and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.
  4. STAY CALM!!! :scream::grinning: And carry on! We’re Catholics! Our Church will outlive all of us!


It just doesn’t seem like something an Archbishop would lie about… :frowning:


Have you read the Wikipedia entry on that Priest. He is guilty of some cover ups himself, it seems


Our Bishop asked the parishes to fast and pray for the Church. Unfortunately, our parish only did this for one day. :frowning: I think we should all be fasting and praying for healing, truth, and justice.


I totally agree and wish more bishops and priests would encourage more of this.

We have direct victims, priests and bishops, and guilty perpetrators. It would be great if members of the hierarchy exhorted us to pray and fast for each of these groups once a month, twice a month for the victims. Priests can fast twice a week, bishops three times a week.

Of course we can do it on our own, but then it will not be as spiritually effective, nor will it be “as a Church.”

I just feel like there’s something missing here, like “the center does not hold.” We laity are adrift in this except in instances when a priest takes it upon himself to say something.

When the Pope called for us to fast, I wish he had said said something definite, like for an hour at 3 pm on Fridays (don’t scoff: it is amazing how much one wants to eat between 3 and 4 when one is supposed to be fasting then!). And maybe suggested that people try to make a Holy Hour in reparation at least one Thursday night each month.

Then we could pull together in solidarity with the victims.


I recommend we pray, go to Mass, go to Adoration, and generally try to become even better Catholics. That’s what I’ve been doing and have now heard a couple homilies also saying that’s what we should do.


There are people who fast and pray for priests and the Church every week, whether a scandal is going on or not. I heard about a businessman who recently died that he fasted three days a week for penance. We don’t need an invitation from the pastor to do it. Anyone can join.


Do something practical. See if you can get involved in the VIRTUS program at your parish or diocese. Go through the training, perhaps be a coordinator and/or trainer for it. It is IMHO, the most effective program the Church has for combatting abuse, Even though it’s been around for over a decade, it is still not well implemented throughout the Church.


Certainly the laity have a vital roll. Stay and pray! Let the Holy Spirit guide the church.


Who says Pope Francis was involved…have you learnt nothing about his papacy so far. there is always these things said about him to provoke him. So far he has said nothing, as he always does. Just like Jesus did when falsely acused. Just let it lie until he has time to reply to these things, he is elderly, ill and frail and has just got off a flight home after a long tiring weekend. Give him a chance to catch his breath. Obviously Satan is going to accuse God’s representative on earth, doh.

We are doing some thing. We are praying (remember in the garden of Gethsemene Jesus taught us to pray when the going got tough, and then pray and then yep…pray, so that we don’t get tempted.) So let’s do that pray so we don’t get tempted to turn on each other or desert Him. Actually there is a 54 day rosary on the coast novena going one where we pray the rosary every day (and an extra one about the wounds of Christ - for each word Christ promises to drop His sacred blood on sinners hearts and we fast Wednesday and Fridays) - from 14th Aug to 7th Oct - I am not sure how many countries agreed but pretty sure USA is one. This is only one of the reparations I know of going around… this wasnt even specifically for this cause just generally for sinners, but it fits. There are many more that have started since… Many that I dont hear of being so far away from this. I also dont always hear of the practical things, but the fact that the Pope begged forgiveness in Ireland was very humbling and I think goes a long way toward building bridges, I’d hope anyway.


In some respects, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we need a response more similar to how the secular world has responded to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. We need to stop being “sheeple”, there is grievous sin among our shepherds. Yes, pray, but act as well!


Besides praying/going to mass/fasting… what more direct action can we take to put pressure on our leaders to stop with the cover ups of abuse??


First, please recognize the efficacy, appropriateness and power involved in sincere participation in “praying/going to Mass/fasting”. It is what turns His Heart towards us and turns us away from His just anger. It is what weakens the devil and strengthens the Church hierarchy. It’s not “just” praying/going to mass/fasting". If more had done this, I firmly believe this situation would have been dealt with very differently.

Second, do you volunteer for the Church? Do you teach CCD? Lector? Get involved in Bible study? Lead apostolates? Work in the food pantry? Volunteer to distribute resources? When YOU are in touch with other Catholics, then YOU play a part in the influence of the laity. When YOU publicly model virtues and faithfulness, then YOU encourage others to do the same and to hold the leadership accountable. Add another volunteer position to your schedule, add an hour a week or two hours a week in front of the Sacrament. Join another Bible study. Start a Rosary group. Lay another talent at the altar for the Church to use. Use your hands, mind and body in the service of the Church.


Prayer is the most powerful action we can take. That doesn’t mean you can’t do other things like write letters to the bishop, volunteer in some way that helps support victims or encourages reporting or trains people in safe environment, teach your own kids to immediately report anything questionable. But it does mean that prayer shouldn’t be dismissed. It’s super powerful.


If you feel that you must do something more direct, I would suggest writing letters to the following demanding a complete investigation into the allegations brought forward by Archbishop Vigano:

Your local bishop

Then write to Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the Chair of the USCCB and request the same, copy the letter you sent to your bishop
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
President of the USCCB
Archdioces of Galveston-Houston
1700 San Jacinto St
Houston, TX 77002

Then write to the Apostolic Nuncio and copy everything you send to the bishops:
His Excellency, Archbishop Crhstophe Pierre
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008-3610

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