In Relation to Yesterdays Bombings in Pakistan

I would appreciate a knowledgeable and scriptural answer if possible please - as opposed to simple conjecture.

I’m sure most are aware of the recent bombings targeting Pakistan’s minority Christian community. These bombings are the latest in what seems like decades long persecution of the nations Christian people. Churches have been attacked, Christians set on fire, unfortunately the list is as long as it is hideous.

I was thinking about Lourdes, a place which holds special significance for me as I believe my visit had the affect of placing me back on the road to Christian belief.
I’ve met good people, Catholics, who believe Our Lady willingly intervened in their lives - whether for the purpose of eradicating ill health, or ascending one from the abyss of poverty. Consequently they feel much gratitude to Our Lady.

Which led me to my thoughts abut the long suffering Christians of Pakistan. Are these dear people not due a miracle? How can we believe in the intervention of Our Lady in Lourdes, and the healing significance of Holy Water, when Churches and Christ’s flock are literally blown to pieces, in a place that must feel worse than Pagan Rome for the Christian minority of Pakistan.

Praying for the curing of an ailment pales in comparison with the plight of Pakistan’s dear faithful. I do not wish to end this query by asking the most obvious mundane question, often asked by all in the face of hatred - ‘Why doesn’t Our Lord intervene?’

I suppose what I am trying to ask is how can we believe in the miracles of Lourdes, while our fellow Christians are dying in such hateful, horrendous circumstances in a place that for most of us is simply out of sight and out of mind…

Yes, we would like more miracles. I can understand your thought.

God is more interested in our souls than our temporal lives. Martyrs have a special place in heaven.

Christians have been persecuted since the beginning, as was our Lord.

Perhaps the suffering and prayers end up obtaining graces for souls in Purgatory. Perhaps it results in the growth of faith among Christians so more souls can be saved.

God never told us we shall not suffer. To the contrary, He told us to be prepared for persecutions. Innocent suffer in this world.

Miracles of God are God’s signs, which He reveals to people according to His own discretion. We are not entitled to ask why the miracle is there and not here.

The best way to invoke God’s help in particular circumstances is to put in some effort of our own.

Thanks. ‘Putting effort’ in for Christians suffering at the hands of barbaric Muslims is literally impossible. Our government has no interest, and the supposedly lovely President Obama has barely even acknowledged their plight. Praying is all we have, yet unfortunately the hatred dished out to these people seems to be in abundance.

the terrorists are barbaric and according to the rules at CAF we cannot categorize all Muslims as terrorists. Unfortunately, those who practice terrorism are following ideologies that are extreme. I agree hatred is a big factor.

The prayers of the faithful are no small matter; it is a lie of the enemy to make it seem so. See James 5:16 and following:

Confess therefore your sins one to another: and pray one for another, that you may be saved. For the continual prayer of a just man availeth much. Elias was a man passible like unto us: and with prayer he prayed that it might not rain upon the earth, and it rained not for three years and six months. And he prayed again: and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.

If we aren’t persistent in our prayer for our persecuted brothers, shame on us.

On a practical level, donating $$$ to organizations like Aid to the Church in need that have consistently worked with the persecuted, is a place to start. Politically, we can call our senators, representatives, and be the voice for those that have none, but we need to be realistic. Mr. Obama is never going to make Christian lives his priority.

And what, exactly, do you suggest that “our government” do to protect Christian minorities in Pakistan, a muslim nation that does not have the best relationship with the U.S.?

There are villages in India that have been burning young girls recently because they believe them to be witches. What effort should our government put in to protect them?

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but many, if not most support blasphemy laws that target non-Muslims. Pakistani Muslim barbarism is supported literally by the will of the nation itself.

Many, if not most, follow an ideologically barbaric paedophile warrior, who, for expedient purposes believed himself to be a prophet. Many, if not most, choose to embrace demands that bring out the worst in humanity, due to the foundation teachings of their prophet - literally anathema to Christ.

I care little for the Vatican’s official word on such matters these days, as clearly the Vatican today resembles a ship lost at sea. I prefer the Vatican’s less myopic words and deeds on matters of Islam, pre Vatican ll.

What can we do? Very little, apart from prayer and donate. And that is why I started this post!
It is frustrating to continually observe minority Christian peoples in Muslim nations suffer such pain and humiliation. And I feel we are witnessing a precursor into our potential future.

‘They’re being slaughtered over there. Oh well, that’s them, not us’.
Our leaders have opened the door to endless Muslim immigration into Christian nations. As Muslim numbers grow, so will islamism, confusion, division, paranoia - and conflict.

What is happening ‘over there’ shall soon be happening ‘over here’.

For a start, the Vatican needs to permanently halt this silly, post-war narrative about Islam being of the people of God. They are not, never have been, and espouse an ideology which couldn’t be any less Christ-like.

The more we continue to believe ‘love’ shall conquer all, the more Christians are eradicated outside of Europe and all Western countries.

You do not even understand the Church’s position about Islam.

Really? And am I also misinformed about the churches position on the importation of Islam in Christian nations, eg Europe?
Enlighten me.

I see you are a new member here at CAF so you might want to read the forum rules at the top of this page.

I understand the frustration watching the nightly news or reading the latest headlines.

Nightly news and latest headlines? Very diplomatic of you. My frustration grows as I observe the gradual Islamization of Western countries. There is a difference between reacting to an ambiguous, unidentified nightly headline, and reacting to the realisation that my nation - and my continent is being deliberately changed beyond recognition.

Rules? Have I broken any? If so, please let me know.

Is there a rule that states, to the affect ‘any criticism of Islam, or its consequences on Western Civilisation - shall not be tolerated’…?

Criticism of any religion is acceptable but the forum encourages us to do so in a measured and constructive way.

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