In response to last years cry for advice on respecting my husband


BlackJacque, Johnthe Seeker, Jay74, to name only the ones I remember and could see on my quick scan of the thread started by myself in this forum.

I thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. Things are going very well. My husband sought the help he needed in prayer and with our priest. I have tried to ease off his back.

I am married to a very good man and I still have to work at respecting him in my day to day actions and words, just as I have to do so with my children and others.

Here is a saint who I discovered a few days ago. She had a terrible marriage and was counciled to leave even by her spiritual director. A few minutes after she died, her cheating, abusive husband, Cristoforo rushed to her and said:

“Today we have lost a great bride and mother.”

In 1834, Cristoforo became a Conventual Franciscan and died as a priest at Sezze, Italy.

St.Elizabeth Canori Mora, pray for us!!!


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