In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human


Some alarming news from the world of biomedical research: growing a human organ inside pigs

The experiments are so sensitive that the National Institutes of Health has imposed a moratorium on funding them while officials explore the ethical issues they raise.

Nevertheless, a small number of researchers are pursuing the work with private funding. They hope the results will convince the NIH to lift the moratorium.

The first step involves using new gene-editing techniques to remove the gene pig embryos need to make a pancreas.

After the embryos have had their DNA edited this way, Ross creates another hole in the membrane so he can inject human induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS for short, into the pig embryos.

Like human embryonic stem cells, iPS cells can turn into any kind of cell or tissue in the body. The researchers’ hope is that the human stem cells will take advantage of the void in the embryo to start forming a human pancreas.

The human-pig hybrid embryo would then be implanted inside a pregnant sow so it could develop into a fetus. At this point in the research, the creature is harvested after 28 days to see if it is developing as hoped.


A few years ago, I read an article about human/cow embryos. They’ve been doing this for some time. To what effectiveness, I don’t know.

Regarding man-kind: what evolution has put asunder, let no man join.


Really bad article.

A pig that has some human genes is still a pig. It might have a pig pancreas that has characteristics that allow it to be transplanted. But it is still a pig pancreas inside of a pig.

And either way, the Vatican has already looked at this, and it is acceptable to the Church, under certain circumstances ( the animal is treated well, the human condition that it is trying to treat is serious, that care is taken so that the animal does not breed, etc…)

Section 15 deals with Trangenesis


If this fails, I can see fast food joints picking up the ball and running with it.

“I’ll have the pork and bacon sliders, with a hint of human, to go, please.”


So, it appears the research they’re doing in the pig scenario is different from the cow scenario linked above?

In the pig scenario, it looks like they aren’t destroying any human embryos, but in the cow instance, they are? Is my understanding correct?


I think the cow-human experiment is an attempt to clone embryonic stem cells which are entirely human. The embryos are harvested after six days.

The pig-human experiment is an attempt to use human stem cells to grow a human organ inside an animal. This experiment is a little more wild, since researchers can’t be sure if the stem cells will form the intended organ or if they will do something undesirable.

[quote=NPR]The uncertainty is part of what makes the work so controversial. Ross and other scientists conducting these experiments can’t know exactly where the human stem cells will go. Ross hopes they’ll only grow a human pancreas. But they could go elsewhere, such as to the brain.

The other difference is that the pig-human experiment will run at least 28 days, and if results are favorable, could be extended to fetal maturity.


scientists need to STOP playing God! This is NOT the way to find cures!


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