In Search Of A Catholic Children's Book

I really wanted to post this request in the book forum but I’m totally locked out and the admins didn’t answer when I asked about why. So, I’m trying here.

When I was a child, I had a children’s book that was heavily illustrated with angels and devils. I have no idea of the title, nor author.

It was pretty much a little girl and the angels leading her to good and the devils tempting her to evil.

Some of the scenes were her in a kitchen with a devil pointing to a cookie jar above the cupboards, and an angel pointing to a book. Also, a scene where a man fell down carrying a bushel of apples and the devils tempting to laugh at him while the angels influencing children to help him. There’s also a scene where there’s a child in bed in the morning and the Blessed Virgin is trying to wake her up and pointing to a church.

Very nicely drawn and colorful. It’s like seeing into the spiritual realm.

Anybody have any idea of what this book is? Where I could find a copy?

Thank you very much

You might be referring to The Catholic Children's Treasure Box. I had them as a child (hardcover books). They have been reprinted in paperback. Check this site:

Hope that helps. I loved these and purchased a new set for my children.

I am not sure myself, however I have found a lot of my books from youth on this site. You might just want to see if the cover is recognizable.

Good Luck

I have read when I was young and it is very difficult to find such book and I don't remember the name of it clearly.

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Thanks, and everyone for the ideas. I didn’t see it yet, but now am thinking it might have been called “Guardian Angels” or “My Guardian Angel”.

I know this is a real tall order as I don’t even remember the cover as it was gone when I found it in my 30s from my childhood. It’s one of those things I’ve regretted losing, but it’s about the only thing I did I haven’t replaced.

Also, it was the late 60s/early, early 70s when I first had it so probably was from around that time.

Thanks for the help!

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