In search of a certain Catholic/Buddhist Conference that happened, but can't find it anymore

I have fuzzy memory regarding this, but it’s worth a shot because I can’t find this ANYWHERE online!

Ok, so I remember reading something online about a time where the Vatican had a conference with a sect of Buddhist leaders and the purpose was to give the Catholics an understanding of what the Buddhists believed in, and the Buddhists an understanding of what the Catholic believed in.

And then they listed off the beliefs and I think the Bishops gave somewhat of a dogmatic declaration of the beliefs of what the Buddhists told them.

That is the reason I would like to re-read it, because that last part was a bit odd, and I want to make sure I just didn’t misread something.

Does this Conference sound familiar? Is it real? Can the church even make dogmatic claims during a conference like that regarding the beliefs of other religions?

Any help on finding this or clarifying what actually happened at the conference would be greatly appreciated.

Nevermind. I found it! :slight_smile:

Once again it was desired to hold the colloquium in a monastery, this time a Catholic one. At the end of the meeting, the participants unanimously approved a Final Declaration which it is hoped will be useful for a further Buddhist-Christian dialogue.

What power does a ‘Declaration’ hold?

A Pontifical Council is a diacastry of the Roman Curia designed to help the Pope in governance. The aim of some diacastries is the promotion of mutual understanding between Catholicism and other religions. The documents are not official declarations of the Church’s teaching.

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