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I think I have a vocation but not in the sense of priesthood or as a missionary. I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place... I didn't know where else to write it.

In the last two years I have been taking inventory of my worth and worth to my family and as a follower. I can say I believe I'm doing an ok job as a father and a husband. These are my vocations as a person. As far as the community or church goes, it's an area where I've been feeling a little lacking in effort. Every morning begins with me driving to work in my own silence realizing how routine my life has become. Questions like "Is there more purpose to my life beyond helping to lead my family?" Don't get me wrong, this is where I belong... I enjoy my kids and love my wife. There was this inescapable feeling like someone else is trying to get out. I wanted to do more as a Catholic – I wanted to show more to God.

Well back to this vocation I mentioned above. I'm an art director for an advertising company and also a fine artist - on the side. Two years ago I did a series of small murals for my parish that adorn it's entrance into the church. I feel this was the turning point in my life. I truly felt I was painting for the Lord – the most satisfying feeling I have ever felt. I was sharing the gift that was given to me through God... I believe I found this gift and held on to it and I've done some great things with it but I've always wanted to do something great that I could feel like I've truly rejoiced through my gift to God. Kind of like a thank you. Painting those murals was the beginning.

Two years later I am now painting a 60 x 25 foot mural to tower the alter of my church. I would have never imagined doing this - ever. I truly believe this is my vocation to a service (and thanks) to my faith and to God. Is there such a thing as a Painter of God? With all my heart I have accepted to do this regardless of the compensation or the time away from my family to paint my heart out like there will never be an opportunity like this one again in my life.

I pray that God helps me find the strength to do my best in this endeavor.

I invite everyone to take a peak at my progress posted to my blog...


Beautiful work! We should all use our talents for God. I'm a busy mom of four but I enjoy crocheting and knitting when I can find the time. Making hats for babies, cancer patients and others in need is my personal vocation that will last after babies are grown and gone. Best wishes on your endeavor.



There are many parts in the Body of Christ and each has it's own gift. The same is said of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. You are blessed to have found your gift and to be following His will. Submitting to God's will, I have always said, is the toughest nut to crack, but it sounds like you have found the groove! God bless you on your journey! :thumbsup:


I hear you. The glory is for me and my family. We're all enjoying the opportunities I've been given. They are the reason I am on this journey and I thank them for their support. Through many aspects of this project (both professional and in my faith) I am able to provide an example to my children... I know they notice and it warms me to my soul. This is all that matters.

thx for your comments.


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