In South Africa's black townships, being gay can be fatal

The other side which folks here may want to consider:
"… South Africa has a liberal constitution promising equal rights for all, and cosmopolitan Cape Town has a thriving gay scene. But for black lesbians living in urban townships, it’s little better than in many other countries on a homophobic continent.

In a society that is deeply religious, traditional and highly patriarchal, lesbians and gay men contradict the dominant view of African manhood.

Across Africa, gay people are threatened, humiliated, raped, beaten, killed, jailed, outed in front-page newspaper stories, condemned by preachers as un-Christian and by politicians and traditional leaders as un-African. In Uganda, a measure setting forth the death penalty for homosexuality was proposed, but recently that penalty was dropped from the bill, which is yet to go to the parliament.",0,3371099.story

Other side of what?

And despite the horrors against homosexuals that go on in other nations, the pro-gay crowd wants us to think American society is a problem for gay people. :rolleyes:

The international movement for homosexual rights. For all our protests of “it’s immoral” you have to remember that these people are being murdered by others who also believe it’s immoral, but are willing to turn to drastic measures.

Therefore, despite our moral opinion on their lifestyle, we should be opposed to this kind of “justice”.

They might not be getting routinely slaughtered, but in the UK and the USA there are frequent reports of suicides due to bullying, people being beaten up and there are still murders.

Do you really think that Catholics who affirm the teaching of the Church needed to be reminded that it’s wrong to murder people because they are sinners. The problem is that oftentimes people will take a story like this and try and paint all those who opposed so-called homosexual rights as some house supportive of this.? One does not need to support homosexual rights to oppose the killing of people merely because they are openly sinning.

No, but one is required to be sympathetic, or perhaps even charitable.

“Merely because they are openly sinning” - is that how you are describing it? No, they’re being killed because they’re considered sub-human, evil, unnatural, disgusting. Don’t try and make the crime sound like it has any kind of sanity behind it by using the words “merely” and “openly sinning”.

. It should be no surprise that people who engage in a patently destructive lifestyle have a higher rate of suicide. The institution of so-called homosexual rights, , which in reality are nothing more than trying to force the acceptance of deviant sexual behavior as being normal on the public, will not in any way lessen the destructiveness of the homosexual lifestyle.

. Yes I would describe open homosexuality has openly sinning. I would also but describe people living together who are not married as openly sinning .

If you run across somebody in CAF who claims it’s okay to kill homosexuals because they’re considered subhuman evil unnatural and discussing I will join you in correcting them.

Would you say it is their lifestyle that contributes to suicides or opposition, attacks and condemnation of their lifestyle which depresses them?

"One of two men accused in the brutal murder of gay college student, Matthew Shepard, in Wyoming pleaded guilty Monday. Russell Henderson, 21, pleaded guilty to the October kidnapping and murder of Shepard in exchange for a life sentence. Prosecutors had asked for the death penalty.

A second man, Aaron McKinney, is scheduled to go to trial in August. He could face the death penalty if convicted. Prosecutors say Henderson and McKinney posed as homosexuals and picked up Shepard at a bar in Laramie. They kidnapped and pistol-whipped him and left him tied to a fence in the cold on a deserted country road.

The 21-year-old University of Wyoming student wasn’t found till the next day. He died five days later in hospital. "

I would say it is their lifestyle that leads to it. it is a patently destructive lifestyle, physically, mentally and , spiritually. if in fact it is condemnation of the lifestyle which leads to suicides should we not have seen a decrease in the number suicides among homosexuals as acceptance of homosexuality rose in this country? Shouldn’t we see a lower level in places like San Francisco, which is one of the most tolerant places on the face of the earth for homosexual behavior?

But back to the story that started thread-again it appears it is nothing more than attempt to somehow link those of us who affirm the church’s teaching on homosexuality to violence against homosexuals. Utter nonsense

Bob, there are 2 sides on this forum. Those who believe what the Church teaches, and those who do not believe what the Church teaches.

Matthew We Know, But Who Is Jesse?

While the media was revisiting the death of homosexual Matthew Shepard on the anniversary of his death, another brutal murder - this one a victim of violent homosexual rape - went virtually unnoticed in the national press.

On September 26, 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising of Prairie Grove, Ark., was found bound and gagged and near death at the home of two men who have been charged with murder and rape in connection with the boy’s subsequent death. Court papers indicate that the two men bound Jesse with belts, blindfolded and gagged the boy with his own underwear and tape, and strapped him to a mattress before repeatedly raping him. One of the defendants claimed they were “just playing a game.” Police say the boy was sodomized with several foreign objects.

I posted it and I wasn’t linking anyone to anything. If you read the entire article you will see that people, like the college student in Wyoming, can be murdered for the status of being a homosexual. Not for acts, promotion of a lifestyle or anything else – just thought crime.

Think of the reaction to the sins of Mary Magdalene. No one murdered her.

Which part of this thread so far do you think illistrate people who do not believe what the Church teaches?

It’s important to note that the pro-homosexual lifestyle people are not to blame for the bullying and harassment homosexual people get which causes them to end their life.

Would you really join me? So far your condemnation of this behaviour has been mild and you have referred to the sin of the victims often, which suggests you believe they had this coming.

If this is you being sympathetic estesbob… :shrug:

Yes, you’re correct. It is linking those who “disapprove” of the gay lifestyle to murdering them in order to display their dislike.

But you taking it personally on an attack on the Church and then declaring it’s nonsense? Doth protest too much…

I don’t absolve any of the murderers.

Think for a moment – which act was based on hatred of the status of the victim and not simple prurience?

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