In Speech, Pope Urges Promotion of Human Rights

“The promotion of human rights remains the most effective strategy for eliminating inequalities between countries and social groups, and for increasing security,” Benedict told the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters.

“Indeed, the victims of hardship and despair, whose human dignity is violated with impunity, become easy prey to the call to violence, and they can then become violators of peace,” the 81-year-old pope said.

In keeping with past pronouncements, he made no explicit reference to a nation or conflict in particular, and he laid no specific blame in a the half-hour speech, which was densely packed with philosophy and theology. But he did mention briefly some specific priorities for the Vatican, like protecting the environment, and making sure that poor nations, especially in Africa, also reap the benefits of globalization.

God bless Pope Benedict and hopefully his message will not fall on deaf ears of any global leaders, starting here at home.

Amen to that! :thumbsup:

Frankly, i believe there are far more important issues to focus on than the environment… When we take care of those issues (abortion, etc.) then we can think about the environmetn. I have yet to hear the pope’s speeches (hope to listen to one or two tonight)… but it seems odd he would even mention the environment except in passing…

i agree[SIGN][/SIGN]

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