In support of the Marriage Tribunals


I started to write a post lamenting the many threads on these boards that seem to want to attack the Marriage Tribunal System over the number of decrees of nullity issued. Unfortunately, I found myself becoming more upset the more I typed....So I erased it all and decided to just start something simple....(I hope)....

This thread is designed to allow anyone who cares to, to voice their support and/or appreciation for the difficult work done by the members of the Marriage Tribunal system in the Church.

Those of us who have been blessed to be able to return to the Sacraments due to the diligent work of these people can likewise express that thanks here and I will start.

My Dear Lady, who is dying, has received the sacraments - thanks in part to my being able to receive an annulment.

Those who work in the Tribunal offices are hardworking, diligent people. They care a great deal but have the unfortunate task of "cleaning up" after many years of poor catechesis.

In my opinion the great benefit that we should be deriving from the Tribunal system is the great need for better Catechesis, beefed up "Pre-Cana", and other ministries aimed at preventing things from getting to the point of needing a decree at all.

So - how about it...Let us hear it for these wonderful people from those who they serve....





God bless them, and I know this: I sure wouldn't want their job!


*They care a great deal but have the unfortunate task of "cleaning up" after many years of poor catechesis. *

I agree completely!! I don't think the Marriage Tribunals are being lax...I think that there are just a LOT of people getting married who don't understand what it REALLY means and aren't prepared to sacrifice themselves. It is simply a reflection of our society that we have so many invalid marriages. I too am grateful that my husband was able to annul his first marriage and I was able to receive the Sacraments.


Thank God for those who serve on marriage on tribunals....I wouldn't want to do it - I would choose to go to Iraq again before serving on a tribunal.


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