In Texas' Rio Grande Valley, a seemingly endless surge of immigrants



This situation is very sad. I really wish that the nations which these illegal immigrants are coming from would do something so that way these poor people did not feel the need to leave for the United States.

On the other hand, perhaps something needs to be done to make it more easy for emigrants to emigrate to the United States legally?


It is sad, I agree. But making it easier for people to come here is not the answer. What they really need to do is turn back, toward their own country and fight for what they want here. Nothing will change if the don’t.

I have always felt and said to many: Flight spreads oppression, it does not end it.


That’s an easy thing to say if you’ve never had to fight opression.


How do you know I have not fought oppression? I know it is easy to say, much harder to do. That is how truth works. It comes at a price, and that price is not an easy one.

Here are some of the things I have endured in my specific fight against oppression: physical attack, being fired or having my job “eliminated”, verbal threats, bullying…and there is not one thing I would change. It has cost me professionally and personally.

No, no one has tried to kill me, I have not been put in prison, but if I had to I would take these risks. Oppression does not end when there is only flight from the oppressor. It only spreads and grows.


That’s true, but… people in dire straits often don’t feel like they have the resources to fight the oppressor. Fighting oppression requires resources - the most important resource being people. And, oppression can only end if some of the people from the oppressing class start helping the people who are being oppressed. Seriously - the reporters who insisted on reporting the oppression in the South back in the 1950s and 1960s were all white people. Half of the Freedom Riders were white. Why is this important? Because at the time, there were very few Black reporters (if any) through no fault of their own. And because by standing by Blacks, white people were displaying that they considered them people, too. Mexico right now has no impetus to change their policies - their biggest source of income is from people emigrating to the US and sending the money back to Mexico. Seriously. And most Americans don’t visit the poor areas of Mexico, so we pretty much stay blind to their plight. Add to this the fact that pretty much the only news broadcasts in the US that cover Mexico and US immigration issues on a regular basis are Spanish-language newscasts, and this leaves the only people who really hear about the problems in Mexico and immigration issues here are Spanish speaking people living in the US, whether immigrant (documented, naturalized American, or undocumented) or from a Spanish-speaking family (which there are still many of in New Mexico, as before 1912, Spanish was the only official language of the New Mexico Territory, and after statehood, Spanish remains an official language of the state).


I think the main reason for fleeing Mexico is to get away from the Narco-Trafficantes. It is these people who really run and govern Mexico.

There are murders every day in Juarez, right across from El Paso Texas. And it all comes from the narcotics trade.


This country is made of immigrants–we are all immigrants.



I wonder how many illegal immigrants would come to the USA if we did not have such generous government hand-outs?




:confused: Why? Or how? Did the slaughter of the innocents spread to Egypt because Joseph went there? I can not understand either the mechanism of this theory or see any support for it in reality.

Which reminds me, we need to all be thankful for our salvation, that Egypt did not have immigration policies reflecting isolationism.


Really, all it take is one person with the ability to unite the people again, and help them focus on a common goal. Just one.


I agree with the first portion of your post, but I’m puzzled as to why most posts I read on this issue seem to frame Mexico-US migration as the problem. The kids flooding the Rio Grande Valley, by all reports, are mostly from strife-torn, destitute areas of Central America - NOT Mexico.

There was a Mexican official on TV just this morning explaining that for several reasons, Mexico-US migration is net zero right now i.e meaning that the numbers of people going in either direction are about equal. I don’t know if that is accurate, but I do know the kids themselves are reporting their home countries as: Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador…


Seriously - wow. That’s even tougher. Because not only do they end up here without documents, they’ve transferred through Mexico without being caught. And in Mexico, illegal immigration is a FELONY. There’s a song (in Spanish, of course) by the group Tigres del Norte called “Tres Veces Mojados” (Three times an undocumented immigrant), which describes the hardship of coming to the US from Honduras travelling without documents through Guatemala and Mexico. This is true desperation, and we should pray for these people’s welfare (regardless of where you stand on the immigration issue).


Indeed, I recall fondly the day I stepped off the ship onto these shores… Wait, no, I was born in California to parents born in California who were born to parents born in Illinois, California, and Colorado… I’ve had family here for slightly longer than this country has existed. Am I an immigrant? :rolleyes:


These adults and children are here because Obama’s people wanted them here. Now that they’re here, (and still coming) it seems the administration wants them to scatter out all over the U.S.

Those things are obvious. What remains to be seen is what the left wants to do with them after they disappear into the population. Citizenship (and voting) undoubtedly, and soon, for them and the ones already here. But the precise method of doing it has not yet been announced. Just have to stay tuned.


Well perhaps they have already been trying to fight the oppression and such in their respective nations and they failed so they came to the United States out of desperation?


How many billions in the world could say the same thing if they could get here? There is no possibility whatever that this country could support anything remotely approaching the potential numbers.


And do what? Vote him in for a third term?


I’m thinking Mexico has good reason for not detaining them or preventing them riding on top of that notorious train which travels the length of that country: the problem would then become Mexico’s I guess.

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