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What i wanna know is why EWTN is not playing these on the air, please get this on cause kids and adults can watch this series together, check it out:
David VS Goliath

Parting the red sea:


show intro:

Show Info:
Director: Osamu Dezaki

Music: Katsuhisa Hattori

Character Design:
Osamu Tezuka
Shinji Seya

Art director:
Kazuo Okada
Masami Saito

Animation director:
Akio Sugino
Hideaki Shimada
Junji Kobayashi
Masateru Yoshimura

Sound director: Katsuyoshi Kobayashi

Hidehiko Takei
Hime Miura
Masami Takagishi
Masao Nakamura
Minoru Kubota
Yoshihiro Iwasa

Original Plan: Osamu Tezuka

Katsuhiro Kurata
Shinkichi Okada
Takamasa Matsutani

Production Coordination: Satoshi Kuwahara

Supervision: Yoko Imamichi

thats a crazy fight between David and Goliath:D

i heard EWTN did aired it but back in 99, they should air it again, this animation beats anything i’ve seen on TBN

air it every year!..please :gopray:

I’ll just comment on the opening and the fight between David and Goliath. :cool:

Opening: Pretty awesome and really cool music. It sounds like something you’d hear during a final boss fight.

David VS Goliath: I gotta say it’s a lot better (and a bit more intense) than what I usually see in western animation’s kiddie Bible adaptations. :rolleyes: Could use some more blood though. :stuck_out_tongue: (Oh and maybe they could make that part where light flashes Goliath’s eyes a little more divine and not just something people could dismiss as fluke.)

Cool! I love anime, but most have very unCatholic and unBiblical Catholic/Chritianesque storylines, like “Priest” It’s great this doesn’t!

It’s from a different culture where Christianity’s a minority. Don’t blame it for not being something it isn’t. :wink: It’s why it’s our job to relate to it. Even missionaries have to learn about foreign cultures. :stuck_out_tongue:


Priest is actually a manwha though. It’s Korean, not Japanese. :stuck_out_tongue:

does anyone know how to request EWTN to replay this series?.. they don’t have it in their online catalog and i’ve been looking all over the net but i can seem to find anyone that sells’em, i would love to buy this series, the production quality is awesome.:thumbsup:

Oh, right, it was manhwa. My bad. There was that storyline in Rurouni Kenshin with the persecuted going bad, for example. I like that show, still.

I’m not sure it’s a cultural thing. It’s too close to movie storylines in America to be isolated.

I thought that arc was pretty interesting. Personally though, I’m more into shows that, while may not be inherently Catholic, make use of cool Catholic imagery and themes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take seeing exorcists blowing up demons and vampires with guns over yet another anti-Catholic Hollywood story of priests abusing children. :rolleyes:

Which ones have you watched? I’m likely to be one of the only few anime nuts on this site who still reads Naruto and believe me, I can’t exactly say I’ve seen a lot of Western movies that focus on friendship and teamwork the way a shounen manga does. :\

I watch more anime. If I got all those manga, I’d never know where to keep them. I did buy a book of Trigun the first time I was in Japan. Shortly after I got back, it was on Cartoon Network! He was kind of funny, like the '80s character, Sledgehammer. I like the kind of Japanese humor with the banter and the people falling over backwards.

I was just concerned the Kenshin arc with the persecution sufferers going cultish and striking back would have given a wrong message about The Faith and bad history, though it’s not impossible some became bitter.

Anyway, Bleach can be a little risque in drawings of some women, but the hero, though disrespectful of his elders, is very chaste.  That's a breath of fresh air.  I never got into Naruto or the pirate one.  No reason...just didn't.  DBZ is still a favorite (the driving school episode is a classic!).  I like that one with the spirit detective kid.  It's a bit new agey, but I'll never buy into the new age and the humor is the selling point.  I can see plenty of explosive action movies from Hollywood, but it's the lighthearted humor (slapstick and stupid stuff being said that makes the others fall over backwards) that sells me on anime--that which has it.

Darn! The user removed the top videos! Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to find it in searches. I haven’t copied and pasted the Japanese characters onto a search bar yet

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