In the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration


NY Times:

In the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders clashed vividly over immigration reform and deportations during a contentious debate in Miami on Wednesday night. The two Democrats made aggressive appeals to Hispanic voters while also making the case that each would be the strongest candidate against Donald J. Trump, the Republican front-runner, in the general election.Mrs. Clinton, bruised by her surprise loss in the Michigan primary a day earlier, relentlessly attacked Mr. Sanders for opposing a 2007 bill that would have created a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the country illegally. Aiming her remarks at the large Hispanic audience watching on Univision, a Spanish-language sponsor of the debate, Mrs. Clinton portrayed herself as a defender of immigrant parents and children and argued that Mr. Sanders was not a fighter on the issue.
“We had Republican support,” Mrs. Clinton said. “We had a president willing to sign it. I voted for that bill. Senator Sanders voted against it.”

She refused to let up when Mr. Sanders explained that he thought the guest worker provisions in the bill were “akin to slavery.” Mrs. Clinton argued that she, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Hispanic groups would never have supported such a bill. Her broadsides finally became too much for Mr. Sanders when she accused him of supporting “vigilantes known as Minutemen who were taking up outposts along the border to hunt down immigrants.”
“No, I do not support vigilantes — that is a horrific statement, an unfair statement to make,” Mr. Sanders said. “Madam Secretary, I will match my record against yours any day of the week.”

In their final debate before primaries in Florida, Ohio and other states on Tuesday, the two Democrats were a study in contrasts as they made stark appeals to the demographic groups they have come to prize. Mrs. Clinton stuck to her promise to “knock down barriers” in employment and housing and to champion criminal justice reform and Social Security, hoping these priorities would inspire Hispanics, African-Americans and the elderly and deliver her landslide victories in Florida and North Carolina.

Mr. Sanders’s rallying cries against the “rigged economy” and “establishment politics” were aimed at liberals, young people, working-class white voters and independents who could be decisive for him in Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, his top targets next week.
The Democratic debate, the eighth since October, came just three days after the candidates’ last face-off in Flint, Mich., and less than 24 hours after Mr. Sanders was declared the winner of that state’s primary. His unexpected victory infused the Sanders campaign with excitement and fund-raising momentum: He was on track to raise $5 million in online donations in the ensuing 24 hours.

I caught part of the debate and they were going at it pretty good though no references to hand size.
I won’t vote for either but I’m so glad that Bernie is staying in for the long haul. I’m sure Hillary thought this time she’d get the coronation she deserved.


Bernie has run an amazing campaign. Many Americans have responded to his message. I’m not sure either one expected to still be standing next to each other in a debate in about the middle of March after Bernie had won MI. She still holds a commanding lead though and I’m not sure if Democrats have many, if any, winner take all states. I know FL next Tues is for the Republicans but I don’t believe it is for the Democrats. So realistically it will be a difficult path to the nomination for him at this point. I’ve already voted for Bernie in my state’s early mail-in voting but I still expect Hilary to be the nominee and I will vote for her in Nov. Even on the night on which she came extremely close in MI, she won Mississippi and won more delegates and total votes than Bernie.

But you are very right. No talk of hand sizes and what not. All the Democratic debates have been far superior in that regard. The Democrats actually have spent their debates on the issues. I look forward to Sec Clinton in the fall showing Donald Trump how it’s done.


Discussion of hand size would have been inappropriate since there are inherent gender differences except for women who may have “man hands.”

I only watched a little of the debate toward the end since even I, an avowed political junkie, occasionally tire of hearing the same arguments and talking points repeated over and over again ad infinitum. A little rest for the weary is a good thing.


Fair point about the sizes. Yes, I know the feeling. I haven’t watched wall to wall coverage of all the debates for the same reason. But tonight’s in FL after MI I wanted to see and there wasn’t much else on that I wanted to watch.


One odd thing, Clinton seems somehow older than Sanders, definitely in the sense of ‘old news’ or maybe just because she’s been in our face for so long.

One thing I’ll give Sanders is that he’s consistent even foolishly so. The moderators ran a clip from 1985 of him visiting Cuba and criticizing US intervention in Central America and gave him a chance to walk it back but he stuck with it. That sort of thing would doom him in the general, not to mention kill him in Florida.

Another odd moment was the mods asking them “Is Trump racist?” Geez, ask Trump. Both refused to call him racist, at least one should have said, “Why are you asking me?”


If they are both so keen on representing foreign nationals over US Citizens, perhaps they should just move south and run for President of Mexico.

El Presidente is the guy elected and paid to prioritize the interests of Mexican Nationals.


I think Clinton appears younger. I voted for Bernie by mail last mo but I was not expecting him to win FL or the nomination. Hillary said she has called out Trump and she said she believes the things he says are un-American. Bernie said he is a son of immigrants and no one has asked for his birth certificate as Trump did of Obama. Bernie wondered why? If skin color could be the difference? :shrug:


Probably because Bernie was a nobody to most folks with out bongs until last summer? And still is to many even today?


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