In The Great Blackout, Caracas Steakhouses Are Busier Than Ever

In The Great Blackout, Caracas Steakhouses Are Busier Than Ever
By Andrew Rosati

The staff at Maute Grill never stopped uncorking the bottles of fine Chilean reds. The place was packed at night, and the lights were on, while every inch of Caracas without a generator was in the dark.

The famed steakhouse has one, of course. “We’re attending to a specific kind of clientele,” said Ramon Villarreal, a waiter serving up sirloin steak and pork tenderloin to the lunch crowd Tuesday. “But there has been a flood of people.”

The great blackout – in its fifth day in some parts of Venezuela – derailed water service, stalled refineries, knocked the Caracas subway out of commission and carved another dividing line between rich and poor in a devastated economy. Those who can afford it have passed the time in power-flush restaurants and bars or booked rooms in self-sufficient hotels. Many of the rest are still putting their kids to bed by candlelight.

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It’s hard to believe people can be so callous.

History repeats itself. Everything done wrong is dressed alike - in evil. We are not going to be rid of it in this life - just keep fighting. People will fight to protect and defend, or they will suffer more.

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Don’t follow.
They are paying high prices for their food, and the money goes to employ both the staff and the farmers and meat producers. It’s how economies work.

The govt is the cause of their problems, not this restaurant. I’d rather the wait staff were employed and likely getting food at work.

According to Rubio, (I certainly don’t know for myself), he always says something like the government is a crimiinal organization, the Maduro Crime family, I know he has said that. So, I might have some concern that drug money, government corruption would also be a part of this and the wealthy cronies may be going to these places.

Again, Marco makes it pretty clear and I do believe him on this matter. And plenty of other sources say this, PanAm Post, the basic news says this, Reuter, or what have you, the Babalu Blog which is by Cuban exiles…

Per sources, just read the news, even the Cubans are playing a big role… I can’t believe I heard someone say “Oh, the situation is a lot better”, for the record, we just turned back 24 Cubans who were trying to cross over in a boat to flee Cuba. I don’t know enough about this but just saying.

I can agree with your assessment. They will keep their fine dining, entertainment, and be catered to - but not for much longer. When the majority of the starving people with their last strength, will attack somehow.

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Kind of reminds you of, “Let them eat cake,” where all is well in the world for the “haves”, but not so much for the “have nots”…Not unlike the 1% in our own microcosm of the world.

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