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Okay, I’m not sure if this is the place to post this thread, so if it isn’t then I’m sure it will be moved :).

I have several friends getting married within the next year and am throwing three bridal showers. Well, I wanted to get them something personal (and not too expensive as I am poor), so I decided to make the couples “matching” aprons. I have material with peppers on it for the men and strawberries and ladybugs for the ladies. I want to put something cute - such as an expression like “Hey Good Lookin’” or “Sweet as Sugar” on it. Any ideas??? :smiley:


Here are some ideas:

Here are 2 that could work:

John and Jane
cooking up love since 2007

Then there’s the typical:
Kiss the Cook

Sounds like a great gift!



excellent idea:thumbsup:


I like “kiss the cook” :slight_smile:


What a sweet idea for gifts! And how kind of you to throw 3 showers!

I like the idea of incorporating their wedding date or year. :slight_smile: I would have loved something like this when I got married!


My DW bought me an apron that says something like:

"100% USDA Prime Grade…

And the food isn’t bad either!"

Something like that.:smiley:


Not that this would work for a bridal shower, but my mom’s favorite apron (I think it was a 35th wedding anniversary present from someone) says, “Hold your horses, Bucko.”


I saw this on another board today, and thought it was cute!:slight_smile:

Someone had made this couple a gorgeous painting as a wedding gift of a wine bottle w/ some wine glasses. The name of the wine was the last name of the new couple, and the wine glasses were exact replicas of the wine glasses they had used at the wedding. Also, the date on the bottle of wine was their wedding date. It was a beautiful painting!

I know that may be a little too much for you to spend, that is unless you can paint!:stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was a cute idea to pass along!:slight_smile:


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