In The Name of Jesus Christ I broke evil cursed!



How powerful the name of our Lord Jesus Christ… Some of our Catholics prayers informed me last week that I had to pray a lot because in their vision my house was so dark.

Someone related to my father case were trying to cast a cursed on me and the entire family. They want to make our effort to help my father failed. Because if the truth has revealed then my father will be released and someone will face the trial. I am the only son and hope for my father that can help him, so they were trying to set cursed on me.

So I got a serious warned by some people who used to pray for us. They taught me through phone and SMS how to pray in order to break the cursed and remove the evil around my house. I followed their instruction carefully, and I prayed a lot asked for God wisdom and power. On last Tuesday evening, with blessing salt and holy water together I started praying over the house.

‘In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I break all the dark shadow caused by the evil, all evil web surrounded my house will be destroyed!’ And ‘In the name of Jesus Christ I released myself, my wife, daughters, my mom and aunt who live with us from any kind of evil cursed and no cursed will be stand last in the name of Jesus Christ!’ On Wednesday I called up and checked, I got the answer the situation was quite bright already except on the ceiling above my bedroom. So I prayed again concentrate on the ceiling, through the man hole above our bathroom I splashed holy water mixed with blessing salt. Thursday I got the news that my house were bright already, cursed were broken. The Kingdom of Heaven has came down through my pray and saved us. I had no experienced before, but God help me because I was so desperate. Thank you Lord for your help, and also to all people whom prayed for us day n night.

Please our fellow Christians let’s pray to our Lord so He could help every body who feel so hopeless and desperately need His help like He did to me.



Lord, I pray that those who are suffering from any kind of oppression or from any kind of demonic activity will have recourse to your precious Name and other sacramentals to free them from the darkness of Satan. Thank you for lifting the darkness in silver1’s life and keep him true to you and holy so nothing dark will ever be able to separate him from you. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.



Evil is very bad and cruel. Man who falled into satanics worshipers is very pity. The man who ordered this kind of demonics work is realy lost.
This kind of people need our pray.

Thank you!



You’re welcome, silver1.:slight_smile:

Lord, I pray for the conversion of Satanists and witches who cast darkness in the world and hurt the lives of innocent souls. Lord, please bring these Satanists and witches to be convicted of their sins and reconciled to you so they can receive your forgiveness. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.



My Lord and My God, Jesus Christ, please help us fighting against all the negative things cause by evil.
Give us your blessing and power so we will be able to break every cursed that casted to us by witches.
We do believe that Your power is unbeatable, evil would not ever be your equal opponent. With the help
of our Mother Mary and Saints we will facing any demon that attacked our live.

God please help us and give mercy. Amen






In the name of Jesus Christ I command to all evil spirit to leave from our house, from our property, from our live…!
By the sacred Blood of our Jesus Christ I sealed our body, mind and soul… Amen!



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