In the spirit of true, Christian Charity

I just wanted to say that in the spirit of true, Christian Charity, I will do my very best to refrain from any type of language that may be insulting to someone or come across as uncharitable…granted, I have my beliefs on tradition, and in no way are they going to change…but I can and do have a firm purpose of amendment to change the way I respond to various posters and what they post. I am going to try very hard…but I recognize that I may fail along the way…and if I do…I am truly sorry. God Bless, Sonny

Sonny, you have a good heart.
But sometimes the best heart can be baited. I’m not sure why some of the posters are allowed to do it and others aren’t but that’s the way it is.

Don’t let them get you down. It takes a big man to apologize and God Love you, you have.



Thank you…you are too kind…You and Karin are the ones with big hearts…at least in my eyes…you both, along with paramedicgirl, seem to rush to my rescue when I am getting beat up :smiley: God Bless you…you all are an asset to CAF.

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