In town halls, U.S. lawmakers hear voter anger over illegal migrants



I do believe, let me rephrase that, because somebody here will get hurt by what I say. But I believe a lot of these people who come benefit the country a lot. These men and women do a lot of work (ie construction, field jobs) that simply some Americans don’t want to do.

Yes I know and understand some people say do it legally, but really guys lets be honest with ourselves, take a look at what is going on in Syria and Iraq with those Christians. They are fleeing and immigrating to other countries. Were not complaining against that. These people who are coming have there own terrific group haunting them (the Maras) and they need to do what they can to flee.


Illegal aliens do not take jobs from Americans because the jobs are difficult. They take our jobs because they will accept less pay for the work.


You also have to remember that these American companies rather pay less, no insurance or any retirement,


If you think about it, immigrants come to US because of our ‘rule of law’
it is what makes us a land of opportunity. Preserving what is special includes following the rule of law for immigration.

Whether the illegal immigrants are good or bad is irrelevant, they take away jobs from legal residents.
If they weren’t here, it would if anything build up pressure on low wage jobs to pay more (how do Dems ignore this basic fact of econ?)


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