In Two Michigan Villages, a Higher Calling Is Often Heard

From the article:

"Growing up, the twins, now 26, milked cows side by side on the family farm. They both graduated at the top of their high school class. And with their ordination on Saturday, they have begun careers as Roman Catholic priests, two of 477 men in the United States expected to be ordained this year.

They demonstrate that priestly vocations are not evenly distributed by family or geography: they are among six priests in their extended family, and among 22 from their hometown, Fowler, Mich., population 1,224. They officially tie up the leader board with the neighboring village of Westphalia, population 938, which has also produced 22 priests, making for a robust rivalry in both football and Roman collars."

May God bless these young men and may we all be blessed with an increase in vocations to the priesthood and to religious life.

Michigan isn’t the only place where vocations are booming. Here in our Diocese we had 7 newly ordained last year and 7 again this year! Thanks be to G-d. :thumbsup:

Wonderful article! :thumbsup:

I love this description of the towns:

The houses in these two villages eight miles apart in Central Michigan are orderly, with Virgin Mary statues in front yards, American flags on front porches and unlocked front doors. Faith is the center of life, those who live here say: Everyone is Catholic, everyone is related and everyone shows up at Mass. The youth groups are active. Nearly all the students attending the prom in the villages begin the festivities by attending a regularly scheduled 4:30 p.m. Mass, dressed in their party attire.

The only grade school in Westphalia is a Catholic one, and the only place of worship is a Catholic church, St. Mary’s, pictured in the city logo alongside the water tower.

Yes, you have many traditional parishes in your diocese do you not? Other reports indicate a goodly number coming from Lincoln and Denver. We are having only one ordination this coming week and I believe it’s the only one in a couple of years.

But the communities of Fowler and Westphalia, where it is not hard to find an altar boy who is considering priesthood, are doing more than their part.

Sadly, some of our parishes around town do not even have an altar server ministry, or if they do, the girls outnumber the boys. So the boys don’t want to serve - “it’s too girly!” Our parish, the only traditional one in town uses 6 and 7 boys at every Mass. (Whether they are needed or not!) And the bulletin this past weekend was calling for more!! :thumbsup:

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