In U.S., Hispanics Bring Catholicism to Its Feet


The Church Offers Livelier Services for a Growing Constituency of Charismatics

By Anthony Faiola
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, May 7, 2007; A01

NEW YORK – For a glimpse into the future of the Roman Catholic Church in America, peek inside St. Benedict’s in Queens on a Sunday after the Matsons, Mays and Cassidys have all gone home and Joan Overton has shut down the pipe organ following the sparsely attended 8:30 a.m. Mass. That’s when the pews fill up with the Durans, Lopezes and Fernandezes and the spiritual thermometer turns up a notch. “Everyone on their feet!” cried Gladys Cardenas, a stout and fiery Puerto Rican, as a band struck up behind her. “Come on,” she shouted in Spanish. “Get ready to celebrate God!”

On cue, Monsignor John O’Brien emerged in brilliant white robes for the 10 a.m. charismatic Mass – the most popular in a parish where attendance has declined for every other Sunday service. As the band played a hymn tinged with a merengue beat, Aurora Duran, an 82-year-old Dominican, fell to her knees in throaty “hallelujahs.” A man in the front row lifted his hands toward the heavens and began to speak in tongues. Shouts of “Glory!” and “Christ lives!” echoed through the church.

Such scenes were once rarely witnessed in any language inside U.S. Catholic churches, long known for relatively solemn celebrations that eschew the more vivacious religious devotion of evangelical Protestantism. But as waves of Latin American immigrants alter the fabric of life in much of the United States, they are leaving one of their biggest imprints on the Roman Catholic Church.


This is like the 3rd or 4th time this article has been posted…the other times have been in the news thread. Yes, I get it that **some **Hispanics are Charismatics…geesh :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Not all of us are… Unlike the Puerto Ricans mentioned in this article… I (a Puerto Rican) am not a Charismatic nor am I attracted to that kind of spirituality.

I think articles like these make it look like all Hispanics are into this when the reality is that in my area Charismatic masses are held maybe once a month…so there is not much of a demand for it. If anything you will find the Hispanics in my area tend to be members of the Legion of Mary and are more traditional as I am…

As I stated in my reply to this article in the news forum… Latino’s represent 17 countries including the Caribbean…each country with its own customs, culture and languages that are not even Spanish. I think we are too diverse to lump into one category of Catholic spirituality…There are others such as myself who are more attracted to Carmelite spirituality and are more traditional.

I sometimes think there are those who think all Latino’s come from a place called “Latinoland” where we just speak Spanish and have the same customs and culture. And I get tired of it at times.

Not railing at you Ahimsa… just to be clear. :wink: This topic will probably get locked for being a duplicate thread.

God bless


Yes, I found the other 3 or 4 posts after I had posted this.:smiley:

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