In US, More Adults Identifying as LGBT


10 million American adults identify as LGBT (4.1%)
LGBT millennials up from 5.8% in 2012 to 7.3% in 2016
LGBT identification higher among women


when I was in high school, a bunch of girls decided that they were bisexual then after they got married and had kids they decided they weren’t


They were never bi-sexual then.


I think that’s what he’s implying.


It’s a fad.
It’s cool. It’s still counter-cultural enough to be rebellious.

Back in the 1970s, huge numbers of young Americans identified as people who wore bell bottoms. It reversed itself.


But the entire notion of being bi-sexual or homo-sexual are based entirely on subjective personal interpretation. I know multiple individuals who once considered themselves homosexual, but are now happily married, engaged in heterosexual relationships. They engaged in the lifestyle and everything. Were they simply not homosexuals? They certainly thought they were, and acted accordingly…


I have heard women identifying as lesbians in an effort to dissuade predatory males.


Yeah, anecdotal evidence is proof. :rolleyes: This is great news though. More LGBTQIA+ people coming out!


I think all the emphasis on LGBT issues is confusing our children.


What is confusing? “Mommy/Daddy why are those two guys/girls hugging/kissing?” “They are in love like mommy/daddy and I are”. Pretty simple to me. “Why is that boy wearing a dress?” “She sees herself as a girl.”.


Except for that it’s not jsut like “mommy and daddy.” It’s literally the opposite. It’s not open to life, it can’t conceive, and it’s not in accordance with human biology.

As for the boy seeing himself as a girl, well, that’s what’s know as a delusions. It is a demonstrably untrue position. The child should be receiving counseling, not having the adults in his life engage in the fantasy.


So sex is only for procreation? What boy are you talking about? If you mean the girl on the cover of National Geographic she may be in counseling but not for the reason you think. Transition is really tough and so many hoops to jump through.


It doesn’t work.

The predatory male either takes it as a challenge believing himself to be the cure for her lesbianism or gets even more turned on by the thought of her and another woman …and him.


Recognizing reality is becoming more rare in the U.S and elsewhere. But we shouldn’t encourage children to accept delusion as reality.


It isn’t an delusion though. When did you choose to be straight or cis?


See the CCC paragraphs 2357-2359


I knew lots of men of an older generation who were married to women and presented themselves publicly as being heterosexual but were also cheating on their wives and having secret affairs on the side with other men. Maybe the men you mention are just trying really hard to convince themselves that they are heterosexual even if they aren’t. :shrug:


I never said that. It does, however, have a proper biological expression which is easily knowble by looking at the human reproductive system and the physical structure of men and women’s bodies.

What boy are you talking about? If you mean the girl on the cover of National Geographic she may be in counseling but not for the reason you think. Transition is really tough and so many hoops to jump through.

Well, no, you see, he’s actually still a boy, down to the genetic level. No amount of hormones and brainwashing can change that fact. No matter what, that boy will never be capable of naturally bearing children. He will not produce eggs, naturally develop breasts, have a period, go through menopause, or any of the other physical hallmarks of a woman’s life-cycle. All he’ll do is develop some unnatural breast through excessive hormone injections, and potentially have a counterfeit vagina through extreme surgical mutilation of his natural genitalia.

He is no more a girl than I am a cat.

Your compassion is understandable, but misplaced. It is not compassionate to allow a delusional individual to continue living in their delusion. What is compassionate is getting the delusional person help so they can escape their delusion and come back to reality.


Or perhaps they were just heterosexuals who were, in addition, human sexual ashtrays, open to any perversion or novelty that didn’t get them put in jail.


I think more people are feeling comfortable publicly identifying as LGBT because of greater societal acceptance. Still, not everyone does come out. I have a relative who is only out to a select few after being treated terribly by her parent and step parent because of being bisexual. She is married to a man, but that doesn’t make her not bisexual anymore.

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