In Wake Of Increasing Anti-Semitic Attacks, More Jews Flee France


Jews are leaving France in a climate of increased tensions. NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks with Robert Ejness from CRIF which monitors Jewish security in France.


There was a population exchange between the Jews of the Middle East and the Muslims of Israel last century. Now the same thing is happening in Europe, with the Muslims moving out of the Levant to Europe, and the Jews of Europe moving to Israel.

Maybe the Muslims will be a better fit with European values than the Jews.


Are they anticipating a return of Vichy France?


Emigration to Israel is not always the best solution.
‘‘French Jews, struggling to find work in Israel, consider going home.’’ The Times of Israel


and secondly; already even the French army protects the Jews and not just the police, and the security level is higher than in past decades. This safety is very costly for the French taxpayer. Therefore, before to begin to slander the French people again and again(in order to increase the number of repatriates) this time you need to have a little bit of shame.

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