In what church will you find true believers?

I believe God has no boundaries, God has true believers in Jesus Christ, in every church that preaches the true word of God. That means, the Catholic Church, Lutheran church, and other Christian denominations , you’ll find true believers in Christ. The word of God is powerful, so wherever it’s being preached, it’s going to have an impact on those people who are spiritually hungry. Why do I say the word is powerful? Well how did God create heaven and earth? With his voice, his word.
To Catholics and Christians, do you believe you have true brothers and sisters in other churches besides your own?

I’m an ex-Protestant, so I 'm well aware there are many, many, many sincere Christians in all bona fide denominations, however we define denomination. If anything, my experience of both Catholics and Protestants is that the Protestants are probably a bit more enthusiastic and sincere than Catholics. Not overwhelmingly so, but …

Now I can’t speak for the Orthodox, or other groups like the Copts, as I’ve had no experience with them, but that’s my observation of Catholics and Protestants.

However, what is overlooked in this sort of question is Christ’s expectation of unity, that we may be one as He and the Father are one. A visibly divided church is a very poor witness, and is really a form of continuous disobedience.

This is the question Protestants avoid.

And there is also the element of Truth ie. which church is closest to the truth?

Sure! I also believe there are true brothers and sisters who are not in other churches (non Christians) and some day they too will come to understand the fullness of Christ.


First of all, why are you separating ‘Catholics’ and ‘Christians’?
Second, that’s a bit of a silly question. Who is making the claim there are not?

If you want to know what Catholics believe regarding non-Catholics, you can read this page of the official teachings of the Catholic Church:

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I do believe we will find true believers in other Churches and even outside of any Church. (We have to remember there is such a thing as “Baptism of desire.”) It is a grave mistake for people to think they are “safe” just because they are Catholic or of some other Faith.

God alone knows our hearts, and there may be many who are surprised when their life comes to an end, that heaven is not where they land up, even though they were “of the Church.” And that means we all have something we should be concerned about and be trying to do better with. Matters of Faith are not magic.

No, there can’t be "true’ believers that are not catholic. No one can find salvation except in the Catholic Church. Outside the Church you can find everything except salvation. You can have dignities, you can have Sacraments, you can sing “alleluia”, answer “Amen”, have faith in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and preach it too; But never can you find salvation except in the Catholic Church.-Saint Augustine

I believe this too!

‘‘My sheep hear my voice and they follow me’’

Indeed, there is only one Church, so all who are saved are a part of her.

A co-worker yesterday told me that she’s Catholic. She doesn’t go to Church; but she’s Catholic. I’m not Catholic, but I worship God, pray, read, work, etc; but I’m not Catholic.

Is she really not Catholic and we’re both damned for all of eternity? Or was she just lucky to be born into the right family?


Very well put.

NT Scripture repeatedly points to a profound and visible unity.
Be of one mind…agree with one another…avoid dissension…listen to the Church (the pillar and bulwark of Truth)…and so forth.


The Catholic Church has the fullness of truth.

Every faith, every tradition, every religion has “true believers”.the better question might be, “which believe what is the truth?”

I do not spend a moment of my time trying to determine how deeply committed to Christ others are or are not. Faith is a personal journey. I take quite literally the teaching of Christ to “judge not lest I be judged”. It isn’t for me to determine how committed to Jesus Christ someone else is-I leave those things to our Heavenly Father.

I do believe truth can only be found in the Catholic Church. That is what I seek. I believe in One, holy, Catholic and apostolic church. I pray often for all of the followers of Jesus Christ to unite as one. I have committed to the Catholic Church as the keeper of truth. That is all I can attempt to rationalize and understand. How much others believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as I already said, I leave up to our Father to determine. You ask a question with your post, that I don’t believe any of us are qualified to answer.

Being Catholic is not something one can be “born” into, other than by baptism.

Your friend is a lapsed Catholic who has forsaken the vows of her baptism.

You, on the other hand, are a more faithful disciple, for you are doing more with less. :smiley:

Do you think that Catholics believe that non-Catholics are, by default, damned to all eternity? where do you get these ideas?

You do realize that Catholics ARE Christians don’t you? This is becoming a bit of a disturbing distinction that I see increasingly made in cultural reference. In fact we were the only Christians until the 1500’s.

Other than that, I do believe there is singular objective truth in Christ AND His Church, which will bear four marks. One, Holy, catholic (universal), and Apostolic. This is not a reference to believers themselves, however, who may be at any particular step along the way in their faith journey. Whoever is not against Christ, is not His enemy, and therefore my brother or sister in Christ. This does not mean that I believe the Lutheran or Anglican communion (or others) to be the Church established by Christ, or to bear the four marks. I am a late life Catholic convert myself. My brother is still a Lutheran. I stood for him at his baptism in the Lutheran church, even though I believe his church to be wrong on many points of doctrine. I believe my brother when he says he is a believer and follower of Jesus, the Christ of God, and I believe, that he will be led to the Catholic Church given time and prayer, and intervention by the Holy Spirit. In the mean time, I love him and most everyone I’ve met from his church, including his pastor, who I greatly admire. Ecumenism will not mean the Catholic Church admitting that all churches are correct in their own interpretations and teachings, because we believe there is only one way. It is simply respect for those who proclaim the Christ and His Gospel beside us. We can learn to work together on those things we share, and speak the truth in love on those things we do not share.

God be with you

Wish I’d have said this instead of what I said, (which was the same thing), but more wordy, and less comprehensible.

There are true believers in all denominations. But I believe they are saved in spite of their false teachings not because of them.

Naiveessence - Then give Him no Boundaries Dear Friend In God, you have already placed One Upon Him.

God Bless everyone with the all embracing Love of our Lord - Regards Tony

Consider this more deeply John 10:16"And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

At that Time the Fold Christ was making was Christians, Christ did not Split the Faith. Thus this has to be talking about other Faiths in God, which are other Sheep and other Shepherds.

Thus look and you will find this is happening as we speak.

God Bless and Regards Tony

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