In what way were you Baptized?


Just curious, thought I would create a poll in which you can select the method in which you were baptized. Feel free to add other details such as where/when/which church you were baptized in.

I was baptized by full submersion in an evangelical church when I was 19. At the end of the service, one of the associate pastors baptized me in a sort of "portable" tub type thing. He asked if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, to which I responded "yes," and then said something along the lines of "Then I baptize you, my sister, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, picturing Christ's death and burial (underwater) and his glorious Resurrection."

Anyway, feel free to share your "Baptism story." I know most people here were probably baptized as infants, but I'm sure you still have a story that your parents told you. And the many converts here probably have many different stories.


Oh my gosh, the second I posted this I realized the second poll response is supposed to be “aspersion”-sprinkling of water. Not affusion. Does anyone know how to fix that?


I was baptized via the total immersion method.


I was baptized at 7 days old so I’m pretty sure I don’t remember:D


I was baptized at 6 wks old in a Catholic church according to the rite of the Roman Catholic Church is what it says on the certificate. I have 2 copies of the certificate, one of which has my confirmation noted on the back. But no recollection of the baptism whatsoever and not sure if it was by sprinkling or pouring.


I was baptized full immersion last Easter Vigil. Received confirmation and first communion in the same evening. There were the exultet, lots of candles (the light of Christ), vows, anointing. It was very solemn and quite grand. The whole ceremony lasted four hours.

The most sublimely overwhelming experience. My mind strayed out of thought and, for a split second, I caught a glimpse of the divine.

I was reciting John 15 (the vine and the branches) the whole time and praying for the gift of the Holy Spirit to take root.


I was baptised by affusion. It was a large group, I was the only one who wasn’t a baby and the babies were totally immersed but I was considering too old for that at 12.


I was baptized at three days old in a Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Imus (Philippines). Obviously I don’t remember any of it ;), but my mom says the baptism was performed via the pouring of water on my head.

If I ever have children, they will also be baptized within days of birth. Unless your parish requires the child to be born before baptismal preparations can begin (mine doesn’t), the newborn has to remain in the hospital for some time after birth, your family converted when you were an older child or you converted as an adult, I don’t understand why any Catholic would delay baptism. :confused:


If a parish requires that a child is born before baptismal preparation is done it is in violation of Canon 867.1.

We strongly encourage parents to do the preparation as soon as they find out they’re having a baby. The longer they wait, the more “things that need to be done” crop up to compete for their time.


Thanks for the clarification, Phemie. I obviously don’t know my canon law. :blush:

It makes it all the more puzzling to me, then, to see cradle Catholic parents waiting until their children are a year old or older to have them baptized. Even eight months seems like a long time to wait, and I wonder if there are valid reasons for it.


I was baptized through total immersion in a Baptist church when I was 17.

I had to first declare my intention to be baptized before a committee of members and deacons and they had to vote that my desire to be baptized was correct and that I was ready. Then I took catechumen classes for a few months.

It is also possible I may have been baptized as a baby in some church. I can’t prove that though. Anyway.

We wore white gowns and the women wore white scarves around our heads. We were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and then completelt dunked under the water in a tub/pool thingie, that resided under the altar. I got up sputtering, ha ha.


I was baptized at age 11 in a Baptist church. So it was by total immersion. I have the certificate still which helped in RCIA process. :smiley:


[quote="Phemie, post:9, topic:288495"]
If a parish requires that a child is born before baptismal preparation is done it is in violation of Canon 867.1.

We strongly encourage parents to do the preparation as soon as they find out they're having a baby. The longer they wait, the more "things that need to be done" crop up to compete for their time.


That's interesting. At our local parish you cannot schedule the baptism until after the baby is born (i.e you can't say due date is x so schedule x + 2 weeks). Their reasoning is that they need to know the date of birth, location, etc. before scheduling the baptism. Because of this and how baptisms are scheduled most babies are 3 - 10 weeks old before their baptism is performed :shrug: They do encourage parents to take a baptismal prep class during pregnancy though, but because of scheduling most babies are lucky to be baptized "within the first few weeks" as per canon 867 (guess it depends on what you consider the first few weeks). We called the parish the day we got back from the hospital and still had to wait 5 weeks because it was the 4th week of Lent and we had to wait until a couple weeks after Easter for a slot to be available.

To original question I was baptized through affusion in a Presbyterian Church right before I turned 16 (I was the youngest of 5 and my parents "just never got around to it.")


I was baptized by pouring water over my forehead on April 7, 2012. I was raised to believe baptism meant immersion but God worked on my mind and heart throughout RCIA. I was very worried that my baptism wouldn’t be valid because it wasn’t immersion and shortly after my baptism, my mother told me that my baptism wasn’t legitimate since it was a pouring. :rolleyes:

But my soul knows the difference. I absolutely believe that I received graces after my Baptism and Confirmation and that I’m legit. Something I was struggling with even up to Triduum is no longer an issue for me. I know I didn’t have the will or power to overcome it so it was all God.


Thanks everyone for your responses!!

That is interesting, and completely different from what I have seen. Was this in a Roman Catholic Church? Eastern or Orthodox, I would expect that.


It was Roman Catholic.


Affusion, so I'm told.

I was only a few days old so I can't remember :o


I was baptized by affusion April 3, 2010. :slight_smile:

Excellent idea for a poll!:thumbsup:


I was almost a year old before I was baptized by the usual pouring of the Holy water.
I am a WW11 war baby. My grandparents were proxies for my Uncle who was in the Navy and for his future wife.
He was killed in a car accident on the way home for the baptism.

Didn’t know they could have a proxy stand infor baptism. Maybe it was a war thing??:confused:


Why thank you. I just wish I hadn’t messed up the options. At least I included in parentheses what each option means.

Do you mean proxies for godparents? Like your uncle and his future wife were your godparents and your grandparents stood in their place at the ceremony?

If so, yes, this is allowed. I only know that because the two people I would select as godparents (if they Lord chooses to bless me with children) are about to move to Canada. I looked up online if you can select godparents who aren’t able to attend the Baptism, and found out that yes, you can, you just have to select two people to be proxies at the ceremony.

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