In what ways should Christ be depicted

My question, however is to do with how depictions of Jesus Christ generally go?

For example, we have seen paintings and sculptures of Christ over the centuries. Christ the redeemer, and Salvator Mundi. Yes they are often very different, but Its often rarer to find a depiction of Christ with a sword in hand or something like that.

Is there any reason for this? Why do artists often stick to one form factor?

Usually it is for centuries old tradition. For example, icons. Can you imagine painting “The Prince of Peace,” with a weapon?!!!

Mathew 10:34 and onwards?

HE is not talking about being violent. He is saying that people need to choose to follow HIM over anything else.
Jesus refered to himself as “The Good Shepard.” Right? He came because we are wounded by sin and we need saving.

We call it “His Sorrowful Passion,” for a reason. His deathI was a horrible, rejecting, dehumanizing way to die.

The correct interpretation is for the sword of discernment. So, for example Jesus may be depicted handing a sword to someone, namely an apostle.

However, these same depictions also play in to line with some modern day interpretations of Christ. As Bishop Robert Barron has pointed out, a lot of modern Christians envision “happy” Jesus. But this is not the case.

The Threefold office of Jesus is often forgotten. Jesus is King. Although a depiction of Jesus with a big battle hammer, would have been more ideal for Jews in the time of Christ. Jesus, came to defeat sin. Why would it be considered wrong, for a depiction of Christ, to be slaying sin with a sword?

Not sure what you are saying…about fleeing the cross?

Usually, or almost invariably, Christ is represented in art either as he is reported in the Gospels or as he has been described by people to whom he has appeared in visions. In the latter case, the Church has a procedure for recognizing the authenticity of such visions.

Examples of the first category include the Virgin and child, the wedding at Cana, the miraculous draught of fishes, the triumphal entry (Palm Sunday), the cleansing of the Temple, the Ecce Homo (the trial before Pilate), the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and the Ascension. Here, for instance, is Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus, described in Luke 24:28-35:

So I am wondering if you have a particular way in which you want Jesus depicted in art.:thinking:

I would just hope the Holy Spirit guides the artist, to depict Christ, as to allow deep reverence by the viewer.

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Well. That is unfortunate. But there are paintings of Jesus being taken down from the cross. Perhaps the artist of the so called crucifix’s was trying to convey that.

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I believe Jesus should always should be depicted as we know Him from the Bible. From the time He was born until the time He was crucified. He was the Messiah. yes, yet He came down from heaven and became man…He felt sadness and pain just like you or I would You say it is wrong for Jesus to be portrayed as sad for being crucified, Why? Yet you don,t think it is wrong for Jesus to be portrayed as sad for taking on the sins of the world, The sadness, the agony of the pain from every lash He received all go together. The paintings and statues I have seen all depict this Merciful and Loving Jesus as He went through the most horrific pain and sadness ever endured. God Bless.:butterfly::butterfly: .

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Indeed, here is one of my favorites, a wood sculpture from Spain about 1150 AD, which originally showed Christ being taken down from the cross. When I first saw it, I imagined that he was reaching from the cross down to us and up to heaven.

Christ Crucified (low-resolution)

Source: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston (link to image)


That is very beautiful!

In art history classed i learn the iconography has changed drastically over time. Early dipictions of Christ were quite different to what we have today. There is a lot of art out there… some seem to be more authentically him in spirit than others… But I’ll say I prefer a Catholic depiction over the others… idk why but the others just look false in a way.

I think you’re assuming alot of ill will upon artists If you don’t like something, don’t view it.
No onehasthe ability to peer into an artists soul anyway.

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