In your opinion, will I and others like me go to hell?

I do not know if you are familiar with my church, but I am an Anglican Catholic. We became a church apart from the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church U.S.A. when the latter fell into what we believe to be apostasy by abandoning scripture as authority and pursuing other evils. Our beliefs include the real presence of the body and blood at the Eucharist, and the belief in seven sacraments, two of which are absolutely necessary for salvation: baptism and Eucharist. Without these two, no soul may be saved. You aver that Anglican orders (all Anglican orders) are invalid. By this line of reasoning, the Anglican Eucharist is also invalid and those who partake of it have not met the requirement for salvation and have little hope of entering Paradise (or even Purgatory) and are left with the only other alternative. Is this what you profess? My wife who is Roman Catholic does not believe that Roman Catholic apologists believe this; however, I see no other line of reasoning that is logical. Can you clarify this?

Dear friend,

No one needs my opinion. What they need is to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches. It is true that early on, when the Church of England became protestantized, abandoning belief in the sacrifice of the Mass, it lost valid orders (ordination). Yet, the Catholic Church has always taught that non-Catholics who have been faithful to their consciences and have tried to live lives of virtue, will be received into heaven after they die. This certainly includes Anglicans of all stripes.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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