Inaccurate portrayal of St. Hildegard in Newsweek this week?

The article states she was in love with another sister!
How accurate is this article about St. Hildegard?

Utter rubbish. It’s so full of error that it is not funny, it’s tragic. Far from being the ‘feminist icon’ and ‘unsainted’ , and EXTREMELY far from ‘loving another woman’, St. Hildegard’s own words regarding both same-sex relationships and masturbation, written from a ‘divine vision’, paint these both as **grave sins which are detestable in the eyes of God and which require from their participants not just repentance but abject and life-long penance of the most severe type. **

**She herself did not do any such for those actions --so either she was a hypocrite (hardly a great role model for anyone if such were the case)–or she was a saintly person who would be sickened by the article author’s incredible misunderstandings. The evidence supports the latter position. . .but some of the purported ‘sex-perts’ bloviating their spleen into pseudonews never let pesky little things like facts stop them from their imaginary views before. **

**And of course there is the obligatory jab at the so-called "patriarchical’ Church and all its errors. **

**Do yourself a favor. Read St. Hildegard’s own works and use Newsweek in some other more appropriate venue. Lining the parakeet’s cage, for example. **

It is SO full of baloney. But then, it’s a Newsweek article. And that publication is very, very ‘weak’ when it comes to authentic news. . .

Has Hildegard actually been sainted? I have read conflicting reports? Excuse me if this is addressed in the article. I am posting before reading.

OK, I read it and she has not been sainted. Why is the pope calling her a saint?

Well New Advent (The Catholic Encyclopedia) which was written in 1913 lists her as "St. Hildegard’ but does note that no formal canonization has taken place though her feast is celebrated. Of course, she lived back in the 12th century! There was no formal canonization process for St. Peter either, but St. Peter is in the Roman Martyrology and so is St. Hildegard. . .also St. Catherine of Alexandria (an extremely popular saint from the 4th century through the 20th) was likewise never formally canonized, was in the Martyrology, then along with St. Christopher ‘disappeared’ for about 20 years but is now right back there on her old feast of November 25. . .and still known as St. Catherine. . .so the idea that ‘formal canonization’ is necessary for a saint who lived nearly a thousand years ago is kind of moot, I think. . .

It was just an excuse to claim that the big bad “Male” church was depriving this sassy classy 'WOMYN" from her rightful due.

Bah humbug.
And yes, I’m a woman. A 100% faithful to the Magesterium Catholic woman who used her BRAINS and found that the Church gives the TRUTH. That’s a sign of REALLY thinking for myself. . .going out and finding TRUTH instead of falling for the lie that independent thinking only means REJECTING things!. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to recollect what I looked up when the pope made the statement about her. I did find many articles that stated she was not sainted. Not that that matters. I do realize some people got a “field commision” and are now saints. With the pope’s shout out I did research a remarkable woman. I did not find her to be submissive, though.
As far as your last sentence, some people need to reject things and build themselves back. It’s a process at arriving at the truth. You are lucky you didn’t have to go through that. i wish I were hard-wired like you, but I’m not.

:thumbsup: I agree with Tantum ergo on this. Don’t trust Newsweek to be even remotely accurate in anything regarding Christianity in any form (Catholic or otherwise).

Oh ya, it’s ALL true. Elton John says Jesus was an intelligent gay man.

As it turns out, the thread title is redundant. I might subscribe to Newsweak :thumbsup: solely for the joy of canceling it.

Woow what a terribly bias article… “God forbid women actually acquire power for themselves”… just that line alone has so many errors. Its truly sad to see that there are people out there who think they hate the Churhc


“This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the sinful nature and despise authority. Bold and arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings; yet even angels, although they are stronger and more powerful, do not bring slanderous accusations against such beings in the presence of the Lord. But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand.” (2 Peter 2:10-12 NIV)

opinion piece, not a news story

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