Inappropriate user names III

Allowing accounts to be flagged would also help.


Right, but we shouldn’t have to be putting up with having these loons liking our posts. It’s a form of subtle harassment.


The weird spam was hard to manage when there were moderators for each sub forum. There aren’t as many.

Maybe limit the ability to post a profile and/ or image until they can become a member.

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Thank you.

Hi! Why? What happened?

Better to not discuss or speculate about it on the forum, I reckon.

Sorry. Am nosy. :nose:

This is what happened to me. I was admitted into the lounge. three or four days later I was suspended for 4 days, a short suspension, based on a post I had written over 2 weeks prior, where all I had done is copied the exact phrases three other users had used to describe the lounge. Not supposed to discuss the reason suspensions or moderator decisions publicly, so all I will do is say it seemed quite apparent I was not welcome in the lounge.

It’s not a case of any of us being “not welcome in the lounge” so someone tries to get us out. If you were “not welcome in the lounge” you would have been suspended based on something you said in the Lounge, not on something you said 2 weeks before you were even let into the Lounge.

As I understand it, lounge access is a Discourse feature and works off a supposed “trust” algorithm that assumes if you are getting flags, you are somehow a less “trustworthy” poster whose “reputation score” declines.

On a forum like this, where there are like 25 reasons someone could flag your post including simple misunderstanding, disagreement, or retaliation, the idea of “trust levels” becomes downright hilarious. I am not somehow less trustworthy because I got a flag. I’m the same person on here every day.

I’m sure Discourse’s models work fine for some groups, probably for groups where there aren’t 2 dozen hot button topics being discussed daily and everybody is mostly in agreement over some hobby chitchat or whatever. Discourse’s models here are frequently nonsensical. Many of the people in the Lounge stay there because they rarely post on a thread in the actual forum and thus don’t draw flags. Others stay there because they rarely or never say anything the least bit controversial on the forum.


Well, lounge access is revoked if you are suspended. The fact that I was suspended withing 3 or 4 days of being granted lounge access, based on a post that was over 2 weeks old, indicated to me that the suspension was a means to get me out of the lounge.

ETA: and note, I really don’t care about being in the lounge, that’s fine. It is an indication of the way this forum works under the surface IMO. Perhaps you are right, it is all just quirks in the discourse software.

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