Inattention during the Rosary


I’m looking for ideas to help me to keep my mind on my devotion as I pray the rosary. I seem able to think of other things on one brainwave while praying on another! Literally. Even if I pray aloud, I can think about my kids or friends, or the upcoming weekend while continuing with my oral recitation. Then, I start the prayer over and try again, but I would like to improve.

I try to meditate on the mystery and to go somewhere which has very few distractions, but, I just can’t seem to get through a single prayer without stumbling.

I am not feeling overly scrupulous here. I know that the Blessed Mother appreciates the prayers and my persistent effort to stay connected to the devotion. I would just like to have a better experience in my prayer with Mary.

Any ideas?


I continue praying it, and figure if I am thinking of the problems of others, then I incorporate them into my prayer intentions. I have seen some say that whatever distracts you is what you are too attached to, but am not sure that is always the case (as in the situation of thinking of loved ones).
Sometimes I am distracted by certain habits (I’d really like to get back to that game I was playing, or to that internet forum, etc…) and then I am certain that distraction has become greater than my devotion to prayer.

I am interested in reading what others may suggest, as I find it difficult to maintain a daily prayer life myself.

God bless you bunches.


Chef, don’t feel bad. It’s Satan. He just doesn’t quit. Even when we pray he is trying to his best. My mentor Father Bob told me to stop what I’m doing and just say “St Michael help me”. Now when Satan does stick his evil into my head (or tries) I just ask St Michael to help. It works. Of course, I find myself saying it a lot during the day. But it helps.


It happens. You probably have a lot on your plate. Just keep bringing your thoughts back. Have you tried looking at a statue or picture while praying or praying in a group?


What has helped me ,is doing a scriptural rosary.There are several online sites.With each mystery,there are a series of scripture verses,one before each recitation of the Hail Mary,this with a beautiful image of each mystery pictured,makes a huge difference for me.:slight_smile:


When I’m distracted, I make a list of things I have to do and set it aside for later.


I actually find it very helpful to follow an online rosary with a picture from the mystery. My eyes have something to look at while my hands work those beads. Before, I would have chastised especially my kids for relying on the internet for spiritual help, but as it turns out, it was just what I needed. I don’t do it all the time, but especially if I’m tired, I find it to be a great help.


I’ll try that! Thank you for the great idea. :slight_smile:


I have an audio version I listen to, but pictures would help, I think. It could help my focus. :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about making a small prayer space in our home. I’ll have to plan for some inspirational religious art.

Thank you!


Great idea!


So glad it’s not just me! :smiley:

Have a blessed Easter!


I prayed a 54-day Rosary novena and towards the end I saw that my attention was much better. It takes a lot of practice every single day!


I too struggle to pay attention during the Rosary, and tend to get discouraged and just not pray it anymore for a while. But practice is so important, and I think I’ll definitely try asking St. Michael for his help.


I know it helps me to focus when looking at a picture or statue or booklet.


I had the same problem, and my solution, while it cannot be used all the time obviously, has greatly helped me. I have found a number of Scriptural Rosary videos on Youtube that make use of great works of art for each mystery. SO you are saying the words of the rosary, the proper Scriptural reference is at the bottom of the screen for each Hail Mary, and there are so many inspirational works of art that you become immersed in the mystery at hand. Thinking of other things becomes almost difficult. I love these videos. Peace.


I believe we are human and its hard to keep your train of thought while saying your prayer’s … I don’t know how many time’s I have been trying to pray and your mind is full of that day or what’s coming up…I pray to the God to CLEAR my mind … Your not alone keep Praying GOD understands …HAPPY EASTER…TO ALL !!!


I like those too, and the fact that the references are on the screen helps me a lot. There’s another very similar set which do not have the references on the screen.


After we have prayed so many rosaries and meditated on all of the mysteries numerous times it may be that our prayer life is taking us to focus on applying those mysteries to our daily life. We still need to learn how to discern distractions like what am I going to fix for dinner from prayer for the needs of our family and friends.


Try not to worry too much about getting distracted, it happens. Keep trying to come back to focusing on the mysteries every time you find yourself wandering.
I find it helpful to have pictures of each mystery in front of me and to try and immerse myself in the picture, looking at Our Lord and his blessed Mother in each one and trying to imagine what they were thinking or feeling.

Before I became a Catholic I went to the National Gallery here in London and sought out postcards which illlustrated each mystery, which helped me a lot (the pictures in my little Rosary booklet were very small).

Strangely, I find it helpful to pray my Rosary on the bus - there are a huge number of distractions, what with people talking on their phones, and the automatic announcements of each bus stop etc, and concentrating on shutting them out helps me concentrate more on the mysteries!

Hope this helps,
God bless

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