Inauguration Day Rosary Novena


With all of the problems our country is having, along with the possible erosion in the gains the pro-life movement has made over the last 35 years, we need to realize that only massive amounts of prayer will save our country, and offer hope that it may once again return to being a great nation.

Please join us in an effort to organize an “army of prayer” here. A full website with much more information will be up later this weekend.

Our first initiative of prayer is the Inauguration Day Rosary Novena. We have an eventual goal of 68 million rosaries to be said for our country. Only much prayer done in solidarity can help turn our nation around. Actions, while great, haven’t turned the tide. We need to back them up with prayer. See the site for more details, and please pray about whether you might be called to join us.


I’m In! Suggestion: If appropriate and the mods permit, you might try posting this in the “Politics 2008” forum as well. Check it out with them, but it does involve the outcome of the election. The more people that see this the better!


Thanks so much for this.


Which is why I’ll pass on this Novena.:coffeeread:


Sounds great. So many of us are very sad about what is happening in the country. Query: Why 68 million, specifically?


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