Inc St Augustine on persecution within the church


This may be the wrong forum to post this but I can not undo it.

I am tired. Discouraged. I’m not sure what Gods will is for me right now in this situation I find myself in. I love the Catholic church, I believe in all of its teachings. But I do not understand why some parishioners try really hard to get you to leave!
With these things on my heart I’ve been searching articles and perhaps books to read. Anything we could experience of course Jesus did and more. But the saints also have many excellent teachings. I’m sure many of them experienced persecution. In this article quoting St Augustine it sounds like sometimes we should leave. This confuses me greatly. Any thoughts?


I don’t know what you’ve been experiencing but is finding another parish an option for you?


Thank you for your reply. No, for now not possible to attend elsewhere on Sundays. Rural area.


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