Incapability of not laughing

Hey so i was just wondering what some of y’all had to say on this and if you could find any church teaching or scripture either, thanks!

So if a person hears a joke and it is sinful (let’s not argue what makes it sinful just assume it is) both to make and laugh at. A person “does their best” after hearing it but still smiles and huffs a little (a real covered up laugh). Or assume the person just bursts out laughing but sincerely “tries not to”. My question is: is laughing a type of thing which is avoidable when one wants to (a choice of will) or is it a bodily function that is suppressable but not entirely escapable in all circumstances?

GOD bless!

I had to tell a friend once if it’s not clean enough for my children then I don’t want to hear it.

If the person did their best and still laughed, their culpability for the sin would be reduced. There are times when the body does things automatically in spite of the will, so the person can’t be guilty of the sin. However, bad habits can be worked on and corrected over time, so this can never be used as an excuse to repeat bad behavior. The gravity of the sin and how culpable they are would depend on the specific situation.

Under what circumstances is it sinful to laugh at a joke?

Ah, God have mercy… casuistry strikes again.

Don’t conceive of the good simply in terms of guilt/innocence. To do the good is to represent the truth about the human person and the world as God knows it to be. In other words, this legalistic focus on guilt is leading you to focus on the wrong aspects of the event and to ask the wrong questions about it.

A virtuous person will not find a truly sinful joke to be funny. I.e., I don’t see how an abortion joke could ever be funny. However, he might find something funny for different reasons than intended. I happen to think rap music is pretty funny in a “camp humor” sort of way, even though what they’re saying is in itself fairly reprehensible. (Indeed, that’s the point. Who could sing “Do you have a fresh pair of panties on?” with a straight face?!)

Laughing is an instinctive reaction, so culpability doesn’t really factor in much. Your aim, therefore, should be to become the kind of person who reacts appropriately to all things - happy, sad, or otherwise - in a virtuous manner.

I thought Ephesians 5:4 says that at least some humor is wrong so i thought that laughing at it is like encouraging the sin.

I’m asking here.

But I think making jokes and laughing at them are two different things. Some people laugh when they are uncomfortable in a situation for instance.
But, I could understand laughing being like supporting a sinful joke.
Like, say, a dirty joke. But how dirty is dirty? Are Golden Girls level dirty jokes reprehensible, or merely in bad taste?

I’m a bit of a legalistic person so I am not good with fuzzy lines.

We are humorous humans. Laugh, admonish and get on with it.

You are not describing a sin.

The sin, if any, is seeking out immoral media, not merely reacting to it.

I think sometimes the more you know something is inappropriate the more it triggers this reaction. It’s rather awkward sometimes.

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