Incense and Bowing

Please, could anyone offer guidance?.. Our priest uses incense during Sunday Mass, almost every Sunday. When the deacon censes the congregation after th Offetory, what is the correct action of the congregation? The Deacon bows, censes three times, and bows again. Is the congregation supposed to bow? If so, when? Thank you! Monica

I can’t speak for the Roman Mass but in the eastern liturgies the deacon insenses the people and they bow and cross themselves in response often.

The congregation should bow to the deacon. Crossing yourself is not necessary but is not entirely wrong or inappropriate.

I go to Anglican Use parish and we do this ever mass. Just bow before he starts and when he is done.

It’s the same for us :slight_smile:

The bow is like a handshake, we just bow to each other at the same time. So bow, be incensed/cross yourself, bow again.

Deacon bows, faithful return bow; deacon censes people; deacon bows, faithful return bow.

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