Incense at Home: Okay or Not?


I recently found out that Church Incense is based on Frankincense, so I went out and picked up some sticks of it to burn at home. Is this okay? I just thought it would help my prayer life :confused:



I dont see why not. I burn frankincense, along with other resins, and I find them really calming, and helpful when I pray. I also burn a little mixed resins that gives off an aroma that’s very ‘‘churchy’’ when I read my Bible.

I just find it creates the right ambience in my house when Im praying, reflecting on God, and reading Scripture and other works.


I use incense at home when I pray. There are private home censers, incense you can order online, lots of people do. It helps you focus and sets the mood for a time of prayer.


its just difficult to choose! In my experience, churches seem to use similar scents but there are so many to choose from online. I tried asking my Priest which we use and he wasnt sure!


I can’t think of any sacramentals one would be prohibited from using personally. Anyone?


The only one I know of is blessed oil. This used to be available like Holy Water, but was shut down because people tended to confuse [abuse?] it with the Anointing of the Sick.


Agree completely!


Frankincense does not come in sticks.

It’s lumps of resin from the frankincense tree, and is best burned on glowing charcoal.

But yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to use incense at home in your prayers.


In some countries, it is customary for families to walk through their house or around their farm or garden on Christmas Eve, New Year‘s Eve and Epiphany with a blessed candle and a pot of frankincense on glowing coals, sprinkling holy water and praying the rosary.


HELP! My brother is in Iraq, haha for a visit, and he has found vendors of different types of Frankincense. He needs to know exactly which type of incense is used in Catholic Mass.

Does anyone know? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have a link (to where one can purchase this on line?). I was looking for something like this for advent, without success.




We’ve had incense at home since I was a little girl. When the sweet smells came drifting in from downstairs, everyone drew in a deep breath and became so peaceful.

It came in quite handy, too! About a year ago we had a visiting priest come to our little church out in the wild for the Easter Vigil, and he had completely forgotten to bring any incense. Town is an hour away, so going back for some was out of the question. Fortunately our little home was only five minutes away, so we brought some of our private stock for him.


I get mine from Monastery Greetings. They are a bit expensive but their stuff is good. I use their small [dime] size charcoal so only use a pinch of incense. The cheaper incenses tend to be smokier and not as pleasant.


Thanks - I just ordered from there.




I strongly recommend the “Pontifical Incense” made by “Three Kings”. This is the exact same incense burned at the Vatican in St. Peter’s Basilica and elsewhere in Rome. When I was in Rome I was able to buy a box with 500 grams of this Pontifical Incense for about 17 euros, which is a great value considering that I’ve barely used about a fifth of its contents to date for about a year now (I burn once a week). Although I found mine in a clergy goods store, you can buy it online here:

I hope this helps.


I pray the Hours and burn incense whenever I pray.


DITTOS Pontifical Incense is my favotie also.


I’ll third it! It’s also what we use.


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