Incense during the Liturgy of the Hours

In addition to the Benedictus and Magnificat, are there any other times when incense may be used at communal celebrations of the Liturgy of the Hours?

At the Gospel (General Instruction 261).

Might there also not be a censing at the Te Deum at the Office of Readings or (in the older rite) Matins?

From the General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours:
“261. During the gospel canticle at morning prayer and evening prayer there may be an incensation of the altar, then of the priest and congregation.”

From the Ceremonial of Bishops, in chapter with title “Celebration of Evening Prayer on Major Solemnities”:
“204 While the gospel canticle is being sung, the usual incensation of altar, cross, bishop, and others present is carried out in the manner already indicated for Mass in nos. 89, 93, 96 and 97.” No mention is made of anyone carrying the censer for the entrance procession (n. 193), despite them leading the procession for a Mass (n. 128).

From the Ceremonial of Bishops, in the chapter entitled “Office of Readings”:
“215 For the celebration of an extended vigil at the office of readings, a deacon solemnly proclaims the gospel reading, at a Sunday office from a gospel on the resurrection and at the office on other days from some other gospel. The deacon, vested in alb, stole, and dalmatic, first asks for the bishop’s blessing and is then escorted by two acolytes with lighted candles and the censerbearer carrying a smoking censer in which incense has been placed and blessed by the bishop.”
(Ceremonial of Bishops, Liturgical Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8146-1818-9, page 73.)

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