Incense use for Solemnities

Christ the King called for incense use apparently during this last Sunday, which I loved. The priest said it was required for solemnities, my question is, does anything prevent a priest from using incense every Sunday mass?

No, it could be used at every Mass even daily, but on the other hand your priest is mistaken in that incense is not actually required for solemnities either. The GIRM states:
276. Thurification or incensation is an expression of reverence and of prayer, as is signified in Sacred Scripture (cf. Ps 141 [140]:2, Rev 8:3).

Incense may be used if desired in any form of Mass:
[INDENT]a. During the Entrance procession;
b. At the beginning of Mass, to incense the cross and the altar;
c. At the Gospel procession and the proclamation of the Gospel itself;
d. After the bread and the chalice have been placed upon the altar, to incense the offerings, the cross, and the altar, as well as the priest and the people;
e. At the showing of the host and the chalice after the consecration.[/INDENT]

I personally think that on Sundays, for at least for some of the Masses, there should be a High Mass ((missa cantata) in the TLM, and the equivilent in the OF (incence, candlebearers, etc…). We do “High Masses” at 3 (two OF and one TLM) out of 5 english Masses. I MC one of them, and I love it!!!

Thank you. I will show that to my pastor and ask if incense could be used at at least one of the Sunday regular masses.

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