Has anyone on here ever used any of the apostolic incense from Autom? I want to order some for a up coming mass but i’m worried that it is bad quality.

While I can’t attest to Autom’s quality, the Trinity Incense - Powder Blend is very high quality, burns slowly (ie, does not burn out right away), and smells awesome. It’s right here.

I will also mention, there’s at least one bishop that uses this stuff every week. It never gets old… :heaven::highprayer::heaven:

If you don’t have coals already, a good brand is the Self-Lite brand (grey/white box with red highlights).
Package of 6 Coals (good for a single Liturgy, like it seems you are talking about.)
Box of 100 Coals

My parish recently purchased some incense from Autom. It was very lumpy and stuck together. Someone had to grind it into a finer powder to make it more usable. Overall, I’d say that the quality was very low and that we’ll be looking for something else next time.

Autom only sells the product they do not make it. I have purchased quite a few things from them and their service has been good. Once I ordered a glass cross from them and it arrived broken. They quickly replaced it with no hassle.

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