Incest in general (Gah! This is too confusing >.<)

I’m pretty curious about this. I was reading Leviticus 18 (the passage that describes who you shouldn’t have sex with). I need a critical and very thorough interpretation of it in regards to this:

(from Wikipedia’s page “Incest in the Bible”)

Can any one lend me a hand here? I’m concerned with the “Wife’s daughter ->>> Daughter” part and the “step sister” part because the passage said for a man not to have sex with your step daughter and step sibling. But the graph is messing up my head with this? :shrug:

I’m pretty sure that the green block signify the unions explicitly forbidden by Mosaic Law, and what books state it…

I don’t see what the problem is

An aside to GTAsoldier: what is “Democratic Catholic”?

Does that refer to the political party? Or are you a Catholic who wants to be able to vote on Church doctrines? Just curious…

I can’t read or make sense of the graph you included, sorry, but I would recommend that if you’re interested in learning about the Catholic faith then Wikipedia is not a good primary resource.

So, what is your question?

I need a deep and thorough interpretation / analysis of Leviticus 18 in regards to incest.

BTW, that graph is clickable to be larger since I uploaded it to imageshack. The green bars show where it’s forbidden on the man’s side.

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